Powder Bathroom: Week 2

It’s week number two of the Primp and Pamper blog hop! I’ve joined six bloggers as we all tackle our own bathrooms and share the reveal September 12th!

So. let’s talk about week two progress! If you remember, this is how the bathroom started…

 So, this week we took out the old sink and mirror…

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we had big time issues with our plumber! If you’re local, feel free to message and ask who to avoid. I’m trying my best not to “out” them, just to be a bigger person and keep this blog a positive space, BUT… they installed the sink upside down and drilled unnecessary holes into our newly installed hardwood floors! This is the fab sink from Signature Hardware

And here it is installed upside down…

I don’t even know what to say to that. It’s almost comical. ALMOST. The plumber had a photo of the sink, but didn’t bother taking a good look, I guess. They’ve ignored my calls and texts regarding any sort of partial refund. I’ll keep you posted on that. Hard eye roll on that situation. But I’m going to focus on what it all looks like right now, because IT’S COMING ALONG, YOU GUYS…

That’s right. glorious trim was added by my AWESOME brother-in-law, Jay. He’s an eighth grade science teacher, but he’s super handy and does stuff like this on the side. BLESS HIM! I’m so happy with this! Ok, so let’s say more about that pic. I’m obsessed with thefaucet (also from Signature Hardware, the mirror is such a cool egg shape (from Build.com), and that light!! Gah! I’m linking it all at the bottom of this post.

And look closely. Jay also installed crown molding…

Have you seen those corner pieces before? It’s hard to cut seams for crown molding, and these make it easy because the corners come pre-made and the molding fits right into them. Pretty smart! I wanted crown on top, not only to make the room a bit more formal, but also as a distinct separation between the wall and ceiling since we plan on adding wallpaper. I’m going to paint the crown the same color as the bottom portion of the wall to tie it all together. And, speaking of wallpaper, if you read last week’s post, you saw that I gave three options that I had it narrowed down to, and the winner isssss…..

It’s called Palazzo by Thibaut, and it was TOO GOOD TO SAY NO TO! Listen, let me tell you my thoughts on this. A part of me has been drawn to toile lately. Yes, you read that right. Old school, grandma-ish toile. It’s beautiful and it tells a story. Whenever I see a toile print, I get kind of immersed in the little illustrations; the tiny trees and people. I could have went with a traditional toile, but I came across this and was immediately drawn to how it was almost a modern version of toile. Sketches of architecture; buildings in a city. Some of the buildings almost look victorian, so there’s still a traditional element to it, which I love. I just really loved that you almost get “lost” in it. Again, I always love anything that you can pull stories from. And I feel like it’s easy to come up with stories about who lives in these buildings! I don’t know- maybe I’m weird, but that’s how my brain works:)

Here’s an updated moodboard. I added two more portraits and took a different one away from the original moodboard. I did this because once I decided to go with a deep teal of sorts on the walls (still haven’t chosen the exact paint yet, but it’ll be similar to this moodboard- maybe a little deeper and less saturated) I wanted all of the art I chose (fromArtfully Walls) to have shades of blue. I plan on putting one in each of the boxes of trim on the wall. Eek! So excited!

Last bit to talk about today is the fabric I chose for the roman shades I’m having made! I picked a vintage floral fabric from Spoonflower that has both the black in the wallpaper and the blue of the walls. I honestly have been loving rooms lately that have matching fabric and wallpaper, but something called me back to a good mix. I loved the floral with the architectural quality of the paper. I found a small business on Etsy called Sew Lovely by Kelly. Really excited to replace our broken blinds with custom roman shades in a beautiful fabric!

Scroll to shop…

That’s it for week two! Stay tuned for an update next week! Fingers crossed painting and wallpaper happen! And check out the progress of these awesome ladies!



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