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Holy smokes, y’all! I’m so exhausted, that “y’all” is somehow what just came out of my fingers naturally even though I’m a Michigander. Lol Do you know what I’ve been up to this week? If you wanna stay up-to-date and watch behind the scenes, you can watch my InstaStory videos by following me on Instagram and clicking on my profile pic. So many of you were asking questions as I was ripping wallpaper down, so I thought I’d blog about it so you have a place to go for reference.


So, I tore down this “wood” wallpaper…



Pardon the photo quality in this post. These are all from my iphone, as my hands were messy! I’ve never removed wallpaper on my own before.  To see BEFORE photos of this room as a nursery for our son, click HERE.


I was really hoping to hire this project out because, let’s face it, between removing the wallpaper and painting the room, I just didn’t have the time or patience to put into it. But when I got an estimate and it was roughly one bazillion dollars, I decided to put on my big girl pants and tackle it on my own to save the money! When you’re making over two bedrooms, you gotta save where you can!


So! Just wanted to let you know what I used and give a few tips I learned along the way. When I ran to Home Depot to grab what I thought I needed, a kind helper led me in a different direction. He told me the “scorer” people suggested (the one that you roll in a circular motion to put holes in the wallpaper so it soaks up moisture better) is NOT the way to go.  He said it could scratch up my walls which will just lead to patching later. He also told me to skip the wallpaper solution and go with Downey fabric softener! Who knew? And let me tell you, it worked!



I mixed a cap full of Downey per gallon of hot water. I had a 5 gallon bucket, so I mixed in 5 cap fulls. I found that soaking a sponge and wiping that on was a bit messy, so I filled a spray bottle with the solution. The first try was a little challenging. I learned I didn’t get it wet enough because the first layer of paper came off, but not the second. So you really have to soak it and then it comes off pretty easily. Also, I foolishly made the whole wall wet at one time. Don’t bother! Do sections at a time, because by the time I was finished with one area, another area was already dry.



I ripped off this wall of paper in one night. The following day I sprayed down the small left over pieces and any glue residue, scraped it, and wiped it all clean. I was honestly pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. Tedious, but fairly easy. If you’re hanging wallpaper, make sure you “size” it first. It’s a special thing you roll on your walls before applying the paper, and apparently it’s what makes it easy to take down when you want to down the road.



The rest of my week was spent painting this room and I’m SO happy it’s done! Stay tuned for the reveal! Also, here are some upcoming posts I’d love for you to come back and visit for:


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To shop the nursery, scroll and click here…



Let me know if you have any questions! 







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