Wallpaper Debate

Hi there! I feel compelled to write a bit about a little debate I witnessed recently. I had the honor of being shared by Jennifer Allwood on her Facebook page a few weeks ago. She posted this photo of my laundry room…


floral wallpaper laundry room


I was overwhelmed reading the comments. It was definitely predominantly positive, kind comments; as they mostly always are in this community. But Jennifer has over 200k followers on Facebook, so there was certainly an “array” of opinions that were cracking me up! I knew for SURE I would get flack for the washer and dryer not being lined up- and rightfully so… that drives me nuts! But, can you guess? It was all about the WALLPAPER! Holy Camoley, the anti-wallpaper comments had me shaking me head! And I’ll tell you why…


People. Are. So. SCARED! Any negative comments went something a little like this… “Oh, you’ll be sick of that paper before you know it!” Folks, that is the JOY of interior design! Who cares if I get sick of it! That’s when I’ll CHANGE it! Sorry, don’t mean to yell in all caps. I just need you to hear the words I’m emphasizing. Lol. I mean, seriously, why is it a big deal to eventually get tired of something? Are we suppose to design our homes in a way that’ll make us never change it? That seems like such a bore to me!


When I come up with an idea, I follow tramadol overnight cod through with it. When I tire of it, I change it. It’s that simple. And looking back at old photos of my home, the different phases bring back different memories. It’s kind of like looking at photos of your children as they’ve grown. We GROW, people. Our opinions change as we encounter new things that inspire us on the daily. So let me use this as an opportunity to remind you to do what you want to your home! Don’t worry about “future buyers.” Don’t worry about what you may feel a year from now. Take risks, have fun, and make your home YOURS.


faux brick wallpaper laundry room


If only the people who left negative comments could see the angle that shows (gasp) faux brick wallpaper butted up to the floral! Think their minds would explode? Lol! Maybe I should just direct them to the feature of my laundry room on House Beautiful after it was completed;) Bam! Alright, I’m done. Lol. Dropping my mic!


Shop my laundry room…


You can find the floral wallpaper at Spoonflower and the brick wallpaper at Milton & King. The bench and pillow are from Home Goods.


Wanna see another example of wallpaper I’m smitten with? It can be tastefully done! Check out my dining room by clicking HERE.


Cheers to following your heart,


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