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Hi, everyone! If you didn’t see on Instagram (you can follow me HERE), I mentioned a magazine reaching out to showcase my oldest daughter’s bedroom! Pretty exciting! She’ll be 13 this summer, so while this proved to be an exciting opportunity, there was also a bit of panic on her end. You see, we designed this bedroom when she was 10. While I think it could definitely work through teen years, the load of color just doesn’t represent her well anymore. Three years ago, I tried to tell her that she may feel this way down the road, but when a 10 year old asks for teal walls, you just do it! It’s only paint! So plans to change it have been in the works! (You can read about those plans HERE) While it’s super exciting to have your bedroom featured in a magazine, there was also an element of “this room is 10-year-old-me” running through her head. So with photos due back to the magazine, I made a quick refresh to this corner of her bedroom. This is what it looked like when we finished the room three years ago…


Pardon the poor quality photo! It was cute and finished for the most part, but she isn’t the screaming 10 year old fan of One Direction she used to be. Lol. That bulletin board is now jam-packed with polaroids of friends and random memorabilia/notes. So, I thought I’d do a bit of last minute restyling to give this corner an updated look that represented her style a little better. When the issue is published, this room will look entirely different, but I figured, in the mean time, let’s at least change out this corner. You know how embarrassed 13 year old’s can be. God forbid this gets published with a One Direction calendar on her bulletin board. Insert eye roll emoji. I swear this stage of parenthood has my blood pressure through the roof. Bless this beautiful, funny, and smart child, but good Lord! What an interesting phase of life. I digress…


Here’s where it’s at now…



I replaced the little cube that was tucked under the desk with this Casper chair from Lex Mod. I threw some faux fur from Home Goods on the chair to glam up the space a bit. I bought that selfie mug for myself (I’m secretly 13 I guess) but she stole it from me to put her marker/pens/pencils in. Lol I found that “thumbs up” sign from Target on clearance. It lights up and I bought it as an homage to her love of Instagram. Her raspberry colored Polaroid camera fits right in as fun decor, and the “Pink” dog represents one of her favorite stores. There used to be a little mirror to the right of the window, but we framed this poster she got from a meet-and-greet. Don’t ask me who those YouTubers are. I just know they’re big time, and getting to meet them was part of her birthday present last year.



And that’s it! Quick and easy, and works for now. To see more photos of this room, click HERE. Thanks for visiting!






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