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Hi there! Wanted to update you all on what I’ve accomplished in this One Room Challenge project, and fill you in on some holdups and hiccups…


The wood for the reclaimed wood wall is on its way but still hasn’t arrived. So I’ve painted the entire room except for the wall the wood is going on. Can’t tell you how annoying it is to look at a room with all grey walls and one solo wall in olive green. Not quite the color combo of my dreams. Lol I know once the wood is up it’ll be spectacular, but for now I’m twiddling my thumbs.


I’m on the hunt for a throw with some color. I love the soft, fur throw in this pic from Home Goods, but it’s kind of wintery and I’m looking to freshen things up in here for warmer months ahead. I’m also still keeping my eye out for more pillows to add. I have a slight watercolor obsession so the ones I have so far really spoke to me, but at least one more needs to be thrown into the mix in a different pattern (or solid) so it’s not watercolor overload.



The chandelier is on the way and the mirror for over the mantle has been ordered, but I still haven’t chosen the perfect chairs. Crazy, I know. I think time has stood still in the chair department because while I look for green chairs, I dragged over the two green chairs that were in my living room. They’re not the right green- I’d like more of a chartreuse/apple green. Something a little more saturated and a little more comfy. I mainly brought them in to give my husband an idea of what two chairs side-by-side would look like.  And so, while I procrastinate my chair purchase, it’s satisfying me to see two green chairs there, even if they aren’t the ones that are staying.



I ended up ordering this coffee table from World Market…



But before it arrived, I got restless one night (as I often do) and dragged our coffee table from the living room into this room to give it a try. I know what your’e thinking, “Do you just drag things from other rooms to decorate and then those rooms sit empty?” Well, not in this case, because I replaced the coffee table in that room with the ottoman that was in this room, and it actually works! An orange ottoman in a chocolate brown room isn’t necessarily what I would’ve dreamed up when initially designing that room (Thoughts of my cheerleading days come to mind, as orange and brown were my high school colors. Go Cougars!)- but somehow it seems to look ok…



The World Market table arrived, but I haven’t even taken it out of the box because quite honestly, we’re really liking the living room coffee table in the family room with our new sectional. I initially wanted round, but I like that this runs the length of the couch, and we love the look of it so much that it’s nice to see it more often in a room that we “live” in.


Let’s talk about design hiccup #1- these poufs…






I LOVE THEM. The problem? They smell SO bad! Ugh! Insert all the cry-face emojis! I read reviews online about how there was a stinkiness to them, but there were also a few reviews that said they had no problem with a smell. It was less expensive than other websites I’d hunted on, so I just decided to risk it. I bought it one day and it literally showed up on my doorstep the next day! I was thrilled with the fast shipping, but I was so sad when I opened them. I stuck them on the back porch for over two days trying to air them out, but no such luck. Brought them in for some quick photos, but back they go! Boo hoo! Does anyone know where I can find poufs of this size and color that DON’T have a distinct stinky-leather smell?


Design hiccup #2- this shelving unit…



It’s decent. I’ll explain… I initally saw this type of shelving unit at Art Van (a midwest furniture store)….


I loved the scale of it! It was so tall and I really wanted to fill this little wall behind half of the sectional. But it was over $1000! And I also started thinking I definitely need some closed cabinetry at the bottom for toys, books, and chaos, so I said goodbye to it and got practical- finding this one at Target for just over $100.

But as soon as we put it together I knew it was wrong. First and foremost, it just looks so dinky on the wall! Too short and too narrow. Second of all, I was drawn to the rustic vibe of it and thought it didn’t scream “Target.” (Not that there’s anything wrong with Target. I LOVE ME SOME TARGET, but you know what I mean- it didn’t necessarily read “cheap” or “assembly required.”) But once it was up against my new grey walls, I realized the cabinet itself is too grey and it just kind of blends in with its background. I had an idea to wallpaper the backing, but I think I need something like my initial inspiration; something with dark iron/metal and some warmer wood tones instead. Something a little less rustic. I’ve already got a rustic coffee table and a reclaimed wood wall going in. This cabinet is overkill and I should’ve thought of that beforehand. Don’t ask what I’m going to do about that one. Does Target let you return things that you’ve already put together? Lol. Or maybe I’ll just find a different spot for it in the house. Who knows? In the meantime, again, I quickly styled it and took some pix for the blog’s sake.




Another small struggle I’m having is the art going on the wood wall. I had one of these picked out from Boho by Lauren



It’s amazing, but I started questioning if it’s going to cover up too much of the wood. Here is a pic of the (currently olive green) wall with a taped out shape of where it would go.



Keep in mind I also have sconces going on either side of it. I’m wondering if I should find a different location in the room for it? I also started wondering, with the poufs and the cowhide, is this starting to look too “theme-ish.” I love touches of boho but didn’t want this room to necessarily scream, “This room is strictly boho decor,” ya know? I saw all of the One Room Challenge reveals and was BLOWN AWAY by all of the color! It’s truly where my heart is at. So then I started looking at some fun abstract/watercolor prints to go on the wall instead. I know a large print could cover up too much of the wood as well, but how COOL is the acrylic frame used in Kris’s bedroom from Driven By Decor?



An awesome solution to framing art but not having it be too “heavy” visually. And what sleek brass hardware!! Too cool. Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles used frames like this in her One Room Challenge as well, but she actually DIY’d them! Amazing!



So anyway, enough of the thinking out loud. Here’s a few behind-the-scenes/real life pics I promised you. Beware, this room is a HOT MESS in these! Lol! Gotta love the old sectional pieces shoved to the other side of the room and just JUNK everywhere. Pardon the poor quality photos…






And can you spot my son coloring way back there? I changed his diaper, took off his pjs, and started painting before I went upstairs to get his outfit for the day. I gave him some crayons and the box my CB2 pillows came in and let him go to town. 



I don’t know how many minutes later he said, “Mom, I’m cold.” OMGEEEE. I’m an awful mom! Oh, sorry I forgot to dress you, kid! Just busy painting over here!


Ok, tell me your thoughts! Any suggestions? When the room is complete I will most definitely post a source list for you all. Thanks for following along!





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