Summer Home Tour #1


Welcome! So glad you’ve stopped by! If you’re visiting from Life Love Larson, welcome! I’m thrilled to be a part of this Summer Home Tour blog hop hosted by Marty from A Stroll Thru Life, and I hope you take the opportunity to visit all of our homes! The full list of my talented friends participating is at the bottom of this post.



Oh hey, that’s me! I may or may not have had my 6 year old stand in the rain to take this pic. Lol Things you do (or have your kids do) for a blog post! Also, pardon my roots. End of the school year craziness around here. No time for hair appointments! If you’re new here, I’m Haneen- 37 year old mom of four with an art degree; pouring creative energy into my home while trying to maintain some level of sanity around here. In a sea of beautiful neutrals on Instagram, I am such a color lover. And I hope that even if you aren’t, you can appreciate this place I call home…





I found this cute bench recently and I’m on the hunt for fabric I love to reupholster it with. This spot usually has this table…



.. but when this past Christmas arrived, I moved it upstairs to make room for a tree (see that HERE), and I just have yet to move it back!



This dining room received a big makeover a few months ago. To see the full reveal, click HERE.  I recently moved the wing back chairs to the heads of the table… here’s a few pix mixed in with them the old way…





That is a thrifted buffet I found for $50! See photos of what it looked like before HERE.



Lemons always scream “summer” to me! Found these sweet ceramic ones at Target.




A look inside the room on the other side of my foyer…




 Moving on to the office…




Read more about the office HERE and catch the DIY of that gold-dipped cabinet HERE


The school year is rapidly coming to a close, and I’m always so in love with all of the artwork my kids have brought home through out the school year! I like having this designated spot to hang some of it in our office…



The Picasso quote on that sign reads, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” I’ve always loved that quote and I put it up there as a reminder to never lose the artist in you! Every one of us has a bit of an artist in us. I want my kids to remember that. 


If I’m being honest with you, this is usually the time of year that I panic thinking about all four kids home. The pressure of needing to occupy their time and keep them from constant fighting is such a stresser! BUT, this is the first year I will say I can’t WAIT for this school year to end! This has been the most challenging year yet and my oldest is in so many sports/activities that I’ve just been a constant chauffeur for months and I’m ready to just SIT. By the pool. With a beverage. Or our outdoor patio will do! I’ll share that space on my blog next week for my Summer Home Tour #2!


Let’s head back towards the family room and get an updated look at what I’ve been working on. To see the “before” and read the initial plans for this room, click HERE. This is where we’re at at this point…




If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was totally coveting these vintage green trunks! No, I didn’t splurge, I’ve just known the owner of Haven in downtown Plymouth for years, and she was kind enough to lend them to me to photograph:) I mean, how awesome do they look with my mantel?? Ah! I want to keep them!!! By the way, if you’re local, you MUST visit this store! It’s simply amazing. I like to say the owner, Martha, is like the Joanna Gaines of Michigan. Lol Or at least that’s the way the shop reads. It’s filled with gorgeous vintage treasures!




The wood wall by Stikwood is done and it’s amazing, but I still haven’t ordered the art that’s going on that wall, which also means I haven’t hung the sconces. I can’t wait to see these sleek sconces up on a rustic wall. I love juxtapositions! …



And I’m so excited for Minted art I have going in this corner…




The mirror is a temporary stand-in. I’m an artist, and I want ART up! Plus the mirror doesn’t fill the wall- I want something BIG. Also, I mentioned this on Instagram, but if you missed it, I found this beautiful console table from Home Goods. Clearly, the open spaces near the top kind of scream “tv unit” and that seems to be for dvd players/electrontics. So, I found these cute trunks and an old decorative typewriter to fill these spots. Now I love it!











That shadow box frame from Ikea has a photo of me and my husband in L.A. for our 10 year anniversary- filled with rocks we collected in Santa Monica. It’s not only sentimental, but reminds me of the beach! Perfect for a Summer Home Tour! (although I have it out all year)


Stay tuned for a full reveal of this room coming up (when all details are finallllly in place!- hopefully for next week’s tour!) And a moment of silence for the chandelier from the Lighting Design Company that didn’t get installed before my husband went out of town this weekend…



The ugly ceiling fan is down, but we ran into issues before getting this up:( Fingers crossed it’s all set for next week’s tour!


A look at our master bedroom… to read about it, click HERE. I don’t do anything to change it for summer, but here’s a shot for newcomers:)



Thank you so much for visiting! I’d love it if you left a comment below to let me know you were here, and if you enjoyed this tour, please feel free to subscribe to my blog to get a heads up sent to your email when I post! I love sharing thoughts on my design process, DIY’s, and life with kids from time to time. If you’d like to see more, including my kids’ rooms, visit “Home Tour” in the menu. Please head to Clair Brody Designs next. This girl is AMAZING! When you’re finished with her tour, be sure to look up her recent One Room Challenge- she rocked it! And take a look around the Summer Home Tours of the rest of this talented group all week!




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Wednesday – June 8

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Thursday – June 9

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