My Sister's Baby Shower


I’m going to be an aunt again! I have six nephews and six nieces and the feeling of a new one coming NEVER gets old! So excited to have a newborn to hold again! I always say I could have ten babies! Ten kids- not so much, but gimme all the BABIES!


So, when helping to plan my sister’s shower, I directed her straight to Minted for their adorable and huge assortment of invitations. I was so happy she was drawn to this sweet one. I love its vintage vibe…


Obsessed. And as if the invite alone wasn’t the cutest, Minted gives you the most fab options for addressing them FOR you. Love the “deliver to.” Kind of fits right into the stork vibe on the inside. And check out the coordinating cloud envelope liners! How fun!


There’s no better place to throw a gathering than in the backyard of my childhood home. This place holds so many special/fun memories. My mom takes great pride in the flowers she plants each year. It’s early in the season so you can’t quite get the full effect of how beautiful this yard gets in the summer just yet, but you can see why this is the perfect setting. And the blacktop is just the right spot for a tent. 


My sister likes to keep things simple. She wanted mostly white of everything. So while I maybe would’ve had a field-day finding colored/patterned wrapping paper to line the tables with and use as runners, we stuck with simple white table covers and this sweet centerpiece she found on Pinterest…




That was as easy as rolling diapers and tying with rubber bands around mini bottles or glasses, and wrapping a ribbon around it! I brought down this cute birdcage I found at Home Goods years ago. I had it in my 3rd daughter’s nursery. Thought it’d be the perfect spot for cards…




We lined the tent with fun poofs from Target, and hung some onesies from the tent ceiling. Simple and sweet.












One idea that just popped in my head? Filling this pool with rubber duckies! How cute would that have been? Someone else needs to have a baby so I can use that. Or better yet, someone use that idea and show it to me!


Some of my favorite photos of the day are the ones I took of the food! Starting with this ADORABLE cake! I told my mom I’d take care of ordering the cake. They live an hour away, but I knew I had to get the cake near me from Holiday Market. If you’re local, their bakery is a MUST. I’ve ordered all of our birthday cakes from there, and I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. My sister didn’t necessarily want it to be an exact match to the invitations, but I gave it to them as inspiration, along with a photo of another cake she loved that had a bit of a “woodland” theme with squirrels and mushrooms (Her and her hubby lived in Portland for a few years- they’re outdoorsy folk;), and they combined the two and came up with this…





How great is that cake?? They nailed it! We won’t talk about how I forgot to pick it up before leaving for Ohio, and how I woke up at 7am the next morning (the day of the shower) at my parents’ house realizing I didn’t have the cake with me, and proceeded to drive all the way home (an hour back) to get it. Ah! That’s ok. I honestly didn’t mind. Grabbed some coffee from the Panera drive thru and listened to the new Sara Bareilles cd with the windows down, BY MYSELF. It was a glorious way to start the day. And made it back in plenty of time to get ready for the shower! More food pix…


















So happy for my sis! I love my growing family!


Me (far right) with two (out of 4) sisters and my mom. So sad to be missing my sister in Vegas and my sister in Chicago in this pic!

 Me an my daughter, Autumn (almost 13). That’s actually my romper she’s wearing! Lol!


My sister and my niece!

My sis and her hubby:) 



My sister and her mother-in-law 



Thanks so much for visiting! A direct link to the Minted invitation we used can be found HERE. For a link to all of Minted’s baby shower options, click HERE.





Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post! As always, all sponsored posts include words and opinions that are 100% my own. If I don’t love it, I don’t promote it!







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