Holiday Gift Guide Blog Hop 2017

The holidays are upon us! You know what that means… time for gift giving!



I was so excited when Rebekah from A Blissful Nest asked me to be a part of this blog hop. First of all, all of these women (linked at the end of this post) have exquisite taste, so you’ll want to check out everything they’re suggesting. Second of all, I LOVE creating gift guides because it gives me the chance to round up things I love and want myself! So rest assured, I didn’t just throw a bunch of randoms on here for you to shop. I either have these things myself, or love them enough to want to get them. Also, I’ve got a few categories, so it was fun gathering ideas for my hubby and kids too!


Here we gooooo!!! This post contains affiliate links…


Gifts For Her…



Can we go over some of this? First of all, we were aiming to keep each category within 5-10 items. Lol Oops! Seriously, I could not narrow this down! I want all of this! 


1. I’ve heard such great things about this skin care set! If you follow my InstaStories, you know I’ve asked around for what people use. This was one of the brands mentioned!


2. This purse needs no persuasion. LOOK HOW CUTE AND FEM IT IS!


3. I mean, what woman doesn’t need/want a motivational coffee mug to get her day started? Loved these!


4. I literally tried this hat on at the store (along with the navy color it comes in with a pink puff ball) and I only walked away because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted! This hat is too cute!


5. I love fun jewelry! This wrap bracelet spoke to me.


6. I’m obsessed with the velvet trend this season. This top is gorgeous and perfect throughout winter.


7. Love this phone case! Reminds me of my dining room wallpaper. And my laundry room wallpaper. What can I say? I kinda like floral.


8. How fun are these earrings??


9. Love this classic and sophisticated coat. The sleeves are to die for.


10. I’m a sucker for a good statement necklace. YES to this one.


11. I LIVE in my robe all day every day through out the season. A robe is the perfect gift, no matter what!


12. Keeping with the “I don’t like to be cold” theme of number 11, these slippers look SO cozy. Totally showing my hubby these.


13. A business card holder! I’m still carrying mine around in the little cardboard box they came in! What?? Time to up my game. This is SO cute, and it’s personalized with an initial!


14. Saw this handbag the other day and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Again: VELVET.


15. Ok, you guys know I love green! I have to have these!!


16. My hubs got me these pj bottoms for my bday a few weeks ago and they feel like BUTTER. So soft!


17. Ok, if you know my thifted book obsession, you know I need this. Lol


18. LOVE these gloves! The bow is too cute, and I love that you can remove the fingers for easy access to your phone. 


Gifts For Him…




1. Love this! A wooden 3D map of your guy’s favorite sport team’s stadium and its surrounding streets.


2. An Alexa! I think this is on everyone’s list.


3. An Apple watch: the ultimate gift!


4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sexier decanter. Is that weird?


5. A handsome pair of gloves!


6. I just really liked the look of this. Lol Take an ordinary gift and it looks special when the packaging looks swanky.


7. Again with the looks! I love that this charger has a cool cord and it’s held together with leather. We lose chargers ALL the time in our home. I think they’d be harder to lose if they weren’t plain jane white.


8. Full disclosure here and a bit TMI: my husband has these and every soma online order time he wears them I want to attack his face (aka: smooch) Lol! I just love him in these! It may be because they’re youthful but not trying too hard? Just the perfect casual shoe for your guy.


9. For the cocktail connoisseur, click HERE


10. If your man needs a work bag, I think this one is so sharp!



Gifts For Kids…




I have four kids (ages 4, 8, 11, and 14) so I’m giving you a range of age appropriate gifts here…


1.This is one of my favorite children’s books, and I literally give it as a gift every time someone has a baby. Books are my favorite thing to give and receive, and I tend to want to give books that inspire creativity. If you don’t know this book, it’s about a boy who doesn’t think he can draw, but his art teacher encourages him to start with a dot on the page. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say the kid ends up inspired and confident. Nothing better. Too cute!


2. What little girl doesn’t want a dollhouse? And the best part is, this one is classic and neutral. You all know I’m a color lover, but toys can be so obnoxious and flashy. I love this doll house! It’s a toy that isn’t an eye sore, so I give it two thumbs up!


3. Beats head phones– these are on my teen’s list!


4. All of my girls have this for their phones! It’s called a pop socket, and it helps them have a better grip on it as well as give the phone a way to sit up on its own.


5. We got this block set years ago and it has consistently been one of the younger one’s go-to toys to get out. Endless hours of fun building all sorts of castles and forts. Great qualilty!


6. We don’t have this but I loved the idea of it! How cute!


7. Omg! One of my fave things to play with as a kid!


8. Every kid needs an art set!


9. A cute kid make up set.


10. My daughter just got this for her 8th birthday last week and we love it! You’ve seen the popular game where someone is hit with cool whip in the face, right? Well, I love this because the concept is the same, but it’s water, so no mess!


Gifts For The Home…




Ah, gifts for the home, my favorite category!


1. I love this multi-faceted vase! And it’s under $15!


2. Sleek and simple, candle sticks make a timeless gift!


3. I know, I know, I get my coffee going through the Panera drive thru every day, but if I were to make it at home, I’ve heard this machine is alllll the things.


4. A cute catch-all. Perfect on a nightstand.


5.. This blanket is so soft! Who wouldn’t want a blanket this season?


6. You guys, I’m slightly obsessed with the author of this book! Please look up Orlando Soria on Instagram. He’s so hilarious AND he’s a designer! I could not be more excited for his new book! It comes out this spring, but you can preorder it now. I can already tell it’s going to be a stunner of a book, but the kicker is, this is actually a coffee table book I want to READ.


7. The wood and marble combo is HOT this season! There’s a million ways to style this baby.


8. Ok, I’m aware this would be a tough one to wrap, but just look at this beauty!


9. This flatware might be my favorite thing on this list! As soon as I get my new kitchen, this set is the first thing I’m buying! LOVE the geometric detail.


10. Something fun and sculptural. I dig it.



Cheers to a fabulous holiday season! Please be sure to visit my fellow hostesses below  for more gift ideas! They won’t disappoint! 


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A Blissful Nest


Happy Shopping!


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