Haven Conference 2019

Hi, friends! Last week was a busy week and I wanted to pop in and share a bit with you! It started with a trip up north with my family!


We go to Thompsonville, Michigan every summer for a week with my husband’s family and it is SO fun! We stay at Crystal Mountain and the kids love spending time with their cousins at the water resort… zip lining, rock climbing, and getting countless ice cream- what summer vacay is all about! Here’s our annual silly family photo 🙂 …

The day before that trip concluded for the rest of the fam, I flew out of Traverse City to head to Atlanta for the Haven Conference. This conference is all about the business of blogging, and this was my fourth year going! Sadly, getting there was utter chaos due to horrible storms in Chicago. My connecting flight was delayed big time, and I didn’t get in until around 11pm and missed the opening reception! I was so sad to miss it, but truthfully, I started to realize how lucky I was to even make it there the same day! Some flights were canceled altogether til the following day. So, I unpacked my bags, ordered a pizza in my hotel room, and crashed before starting a fresh day in the morning. But not before running into a friend first!

I was a hot mess after spending 13 hours in an airport or on a plane, but you better believe I snatched a pic with Jade from Finders Keepers Designs! You guys, this girl is pure MAGIC. If you meet her, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Her energy is so joyful and FUN, and I legitimately cried in her face the final night telling her how she reminds me so much of my cousin Liela who passed away almost ten years ago from breast cancer. The way she talks, the way she makes you feel like you’re her best friend. Just Liela to the T. It was incredible being around her. I felt like I spent a weekend with Liela and that did so much for my heart.

So after a quick hug, I went up to my room and ordered Uber Eats. I was STARVING. Pizza it was! Lol. And then I woke up and was ready to go! Day one of classes and networking…


I didn’t take too many photos, but the day started with Egypt Sherrod of Property Virgins on HGTV giving the keynote speech, and then I went to classes and walked around talking to brands. The Home Depot booth was fabulous! Did you know they have a whole line of home decor/bed and bath products?

They gave all of the attendees embroidered towels. So sweet! And very soft…

The Stainmaster booth had a fun photo op…

I don’t think anything topped the Hoover booth, where I had the chance to stop the following day. They had puppies, you guys!!

Holding puppies while talking about how their vacuums work well on dog hair is marketing genius, I tell you!

Here I am in the Lamps Plus booth…

Another favorite booth was Sinkology, where you could make a Moscow Mule in a cute copper mug and take the mug with you. The swag was no joke this year! Loved it all!

One more awesome booth.. Behr Paint! And major props to my friends Katie and Jeremy from Bower Power for building it!

Here’s my girl Charlotte from At Charlotte’s House dropping knowledge about making videos in iMovie…

Friday night was the Home Depot dinner. They’re always kind enough to invite the bloggers they work with to a lovely dinner. This time at a restaurant called King & Duke. It was beautifully decorated and the food was delicious!

 Me with Bower Power

 Me with Classy Clutter

 Me with Love Your Abode and Erin Spain

Sadly, I left dinner a bit early, but for good reason! It was the only time that worked throughout the weekend for me to visit Brian Patrick Flynn and my friend Brittany fromAddison’s Wonderland! Off To Brian’s house I went….

His foyer inspired my own! I was so obsessed with that light that I ordered one myself! It’s part of his line with Crystorama. Stay tuned for the reveal!

The weekend wrapped up with an 80s party back at the hotel with an awesome cover band! So fun!

Me with At Charlotte’s House and Love Your Abode

Sighhhhh. You guys. These trips are so important. It’s good for the mind, heart, and soul to get away from your every day life. It’s good to gain knowledge in a business you’re trying to grow. It’s good to surround yourself with people who get what you do; who can lift you up, cheer you on, advise you on things you’re clueless about. Don’t talk yourselves out of things like this. Just do it!

Here’s some things I learned this weekend.

ONE:  I’m so anxious to get my new blog up. Not sure if I told you, but I designed a logo and have someone fixing everything and redesigning it all. I need to update the home tour (I currently have old photos of some of the rooms!)  I’m so sorry that my blog hasn’t been the easiest to navigate, to pin from, and currently even to comment on! It’s been a mess, and I’m excited to move forward and UP once it’s all fixed!

TWO: I’ve gotten lazy with Instagram. I’m honest and real and loose in my stories, but my feed feels a bit stale to me. One thing I learned in the class taught by Holly from Our Faux Farmhouse and Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home, is to SHARE, not just SHOW. I’ve been doing a lot of “showing” lately, without putting much thought into my captions and sharing my life with you. Maybe it’s just that it’s summer and the kids are home and I’m constantly posting and rushing to do something else instead of taking the time to connect and grow, but I need to work on it.

I appreciate you hanging tight and following along with me, regardless of where my head space is at and what my blog is looking like! I’ll let you all know as soon as it’s done!



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