Lucite and Brass Handrail

Oh, boy, my friends! I have a some good eye candy for you today! If you’ve been following along, you know I painted the staircase and railings in our foyer. It was quite a process! (blog post coming soon!) One thing that fell short for me, was our back staircase that leads to our kitchen and family room. We had it all painted black, but on the wall going up the steps, there was a super sad/boring/ugly handrail that seemed to be doing nothing to beautify the space. In fact, it downright was hindering it from looking better even though the staircase was painted!

Leave it to me to forget to take a photo of it before we took it town, but there it is. Just picture it on the wall. SO…. I was trying to figure out how to fix this problem. I contemplated removing it altogether. I don’t have toddlers using it to get up and down, but I studied my family over the course of a few days and realized that we do indeed use it to guide ourselves upstairs. On top of that, I wasn’t order ambien credit card sure if it would be against the house code to not have it. So, my next step was to start searching online for prettier options. BOY DID I FIND ONE!!!

It’s lucite and brass, you guys! And it’s from Luxholdups. Isn’t it beautiful? Just a gorgeous alternative to the boring painted wood one we had! It’s so beautifully made, and it was fairly easy to install. I needed it 18 feet long, and they sent it in three separate pieces with four brass brackets. The two in the center are where the three connected, so it looks like one seamless, long piece!

I couldn’t be happier. It’s actually so smooth to the touch. Just feels nice going up the stairs, and of course just takes everything up a notch from downstairs! Have you heard ofLuxholdups? They have a gorgeous selection of gorgeous lucite hardware with different medal finishes…. drawer pulls, curtain rods, handrails, you name it! Visit them if you want to elevate the look of a room!



*This handrail was gifted to me by Luxholdups. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Carol Packman says:

    I want to order the lucite handrail but when I go on Etsy to order it they go from 24 to 36 in and don’t give me an opportunity to say which one I want. I tried calling Etsy but was on hold for a half hour and no response I gave up I gave up.

    • Haneen says:

      Oh, shoot! I’m so sorry to hear this! You tried contacting the seller? Have you reached out to them on Instagram? Their handle is @luxholdups

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