Halloween Mantel

Hey, friends! I don’t know how it’s already the middle of October! I meant to share this sooner, but last week flew by and I spent this past weekend with lots of friends who flew in so we could all celebrate our 40th birthdays together! My birthday isn’t until November 2, but this was the weekend that worked best for most. Honestly, I’m impressed we were able to settle on a date and have as big of a group as we did! Not an easy task for busy adults! We failed to get a full group photo (boooooo to that) and I even failed to get a photo with my husband! (bigger boooooooo to that) but here’s what I wore…




Wanted to share my Halloween mantel with you today! When we painted our fireplace black for the FrogTapeĀ®  Paintover Challenge this past spring, I knew I would LOVE styling it for Halloween!





So, here’s the thing. This cost next to nothing. I found all of the black books at my local Salvation Army for ten cents each. The pumpkins were $1.50 each at a local farmer’s market, and the skull heads were on sale at Michael’s for under $2 each. The cobwebs and spiders I had in storage. So I’d say even if you had to buy new cobwebs and spiders, this whole thing will cost you under $20. Big bang for your buck- I love the mood this creates!




 Pumpkins on the coffee table are from Home Goods!



Quick tip for the cobwebs: the key to making it look as real as possible is to spread it out as thin as it can go without breaking. In this situation, it was easy to spread and find places to tuck around corners of books. If you try this, please show me!


Happy Haunting!



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