Halloween Corner

It’s my favorite time of year! Friends, Halloween brings back so many happy memories! So much so, that we actually named our oldest, Autumn:) My first date with my husband was on Halloween and he proposed on Halloween a year later. So much love for this time of year! From football games to apple orchards, there’s just lots to take in. 


This year, I wanted to do something fun and festive in a corner of our family room. I gotta say, I’m pretty happy with it:)













I have just had so much fun styling this piece for different holidays! In fact, remember how our home was photographed for Better Homes & Gardens last year? Well, it’s officially on stands! The Christmas Ideas issue is out! And you can see how I styled this same piece for the holiday season:)



Speaking of Better Homes & Gardens, the last few days I was in NYC for the BHG Stylemaker event and it was so fabulous! So honored to be invited a second year in a row, and incredibly grateful I have such good friends in this “field” that I was able to spend time with! I’ll give a full report in a separate blog post! Until then, I’ve gathered up all the dresses I ordered so you can scroll and shop below. If you follow my stories, you know I wanted to have fun trying these on for you so you could get a feel for how they look on (I know how hard it is shopping for “special occasion” dresses!) Time just didn’t allow me too. But here they all are if you’ve got a formal occasion coming up! Which are your favorites? I’m the weirdo that always orders a crazy amount of dresses in order to decide and then return the vetos!





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