Frog Tape® Challenge: Week 2

It’s week two of the Frog Tape® Paintover Challenge, and I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been up to! I started hanging the gallery wall and finished a fun art project to incorporate! Frog Tape® was a big help in this project, and I’ll show you how…


Last week I showed you how I laid out the gallery wall on the ground, using Frog Tape®’s yellow tape as a border. Did you know they have this specialty tape for delicate surfaces? My floors aren’t delicate, but I figured I’d save the green tape for the big stuff:)



When I went about hanging the gallery wall, the Frog Tape® came in handy again as I taped up everything where it needed to go. I always trace everything that needs to be hung, mark a hole where the nail is going, and tape it in place for easy hanging!



I’ll save the finished look for the reveal next week, but let me show you the art I made with the help of Frog Tape®’s sharp lines!



Here’s how I started…



I very randomly started laying down the tape; creating fun, geometric shapes. I used leftover paint from my foyer project (you can see that tutorial by clicking HERE). This art is an ode to that project and I love that I brought a piece of it into our family room.



I used Frog Tape® for that too!



To go about this project, start painting sections at a time. You have to wait for each section to dry before you start another, because you’ll need to move the tape in order not to leave large white gaps. When everything’s filled in, peel away! This is my favorite part! Frog Tape® really is the best brand I’ve used- never fails to leave clean, sharp lines!



Such a fun and easy project and definitely fits the retro/modern vibe I want to incorporate into the space. I’m mixing this piece with thrifted art and pieces I dragged in from my dining room and office, to make it one cohesive gallery wall of green. If you’re new here, green is my favorite!


Next up… painting the fireplace! Talk about being PRESSED FOR TIME! It took me forever to decide on tile, and once it was done, painting started right away. Frog Tape® made it so easy knowing I wasn’t going to be hassled with cleaning up edges later…





This room is really coming together and I can’t wait to show you the big reveal next week! Stay tuned and be sure to visit the Paintover Challenge site for a look at all of the contestants! Voting starts after the reveal May 21st and goes through June 1st! You can vote once a day and I’d love to win $10,000 for the Ronan Thompson Foundation!




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