FrogTape® Challenge Reveal… Time to vote!

It’s reveal day for the FrogTape® Paintover Challenge!  Friends, this room is transformed into something I’m really proud of- I hope you like it! More importantly, it’d mean so much if you voted for it! You can do that by clicking HERE. Winner gets $10,000 to give to charity, and it’d mean SO much to be able to donate to the Ronan Thompson Foundation! To see the initial plans for the room in Week One, click HERE. To see the progress of Week Two, click HERE


So! Here we go! A reminder of the room before…



And here it is AFTER:




This transformation is all about the FIREPLACE! I was tiring of the stacked stone and really wanted something more classic, clean, and contemporary. Loving the polished marble in a herringbone pattern we found from The Tile Shop. A closer look at the fireplace BEFORE…



And here it is AFTER…



What a difference paint makes! The black is so chic and really ups the sophistication. Super thankful I had FrogTape® on hand for easy, sharp lines!






Before I show you the rest of the room, let me recap the trend that FrogTape® assigned to me. Each blogger participating received one of these:



Simple to the Max

Faux Natural

Back to the Future

Made With Love  

New England Preppy


I was given “Back to the Future” – a blend of modern and retro. I love a good mix, so this was so much fun to do!



I’ve been really drawn to the work of Josh Young, and I thought one of his paintings would be perfect on the fireplace! The old world portrait is so classic, and the slash over the eyes gives it a modern edge. And he personalized the color for me since green is my favorite:) I pulled this portrait from my recent kitchen makeover!


Speaking of green, let’s look at the gallery wall I put together to hang over my collection of green vintage books. Here’s what this side of the room looked like BEFORE…






Let me chat about two things before going over the gallery wall. First of all, I brought in a second set of black drapes because only having one on each side of the large window meant that they don’t close all the way and we wanted privacy. I’m not sure why I didn’t order four to begin with, but, I had the same drapes in my dining room, so for now, I stole them from that room:)


Secondly, let’s discuss the coffee table swap. The faux marble mid-mod tulip table was actually in my front living room. Because I wanted a sleeker look, and we already had the rustic element of the reclaimed wood wall, I decided to swap out the rectangular wood table for this one. It also brought another element of “retro” to the space that I was going for.


Now for this gallery wall…





This wall is a collection of recent thrifted goodies, art borrowed from other rooms in my home, and a painting I made with the help of FrogTape®!




You can see the how-to for that art in Week 2’s post.  I have a thing for green, you guys! I find it to be the easiest klonopin online mastercard color to incorporate into your home. And I couldn’t resist creating a gallery wall to match my book collection. I have an art degree from the University of Toledo, and our classes were actually attached to the Toledo Museum of Art.  I’ve just always had a thing for old art and ornate frames because of what I was surrounded by during my studies, so I like bringing a bit of that into my home; a constant reminder of fond memories of feeding creativity.


Now let’s take a look at what was an empty area next to our tv armoire…



This area has screamed “I need a chair!” for ages. Typically, we put our Christmas tree here, and the rest of the year it sits sadly vacant. Here it is now…



This beautiful chair was a great find! The traditional silhouette looks so good with more of a modern table. I absolutely love the stripes with the floral pillow. I’m a fan of pattern play! The side table I dragged down from my daughter’s bedroom. The vase is from a wedding I was in this fall- the bride let the bridesmaids take home the centerpieces:)




I had every intention of incorporating an ornate, gold mirror similar to that in the initial mood board I shared…


 … but budget was tight, so I stole a mirror from my powder bathroom. Lol! I actually think this one looks lovely! And again, it lends itself to the “Back to the Future” trend I was working towards. Modern mirror with traditional fireplace. I dig it!



Let’s talk budget! FrogTape® provided $1,000 to make over this space and here’s where it all went:


Fireplace: $400 for upper fireplace tile and labor. Tile on the floor was extra tile laying around the tile guy’s house that he was happy to get rid of! Hooray for that! Paint was leftover from our current kitchen reno (tune in to my One Room Challenge!) Side note: he gave me a crazy good deal on labor since he’s also doing our kitchen!


Chair: $280 (on sale!)


Chandelier: $260


Thrifted goodies: under $30


DIY art: $0 (I had the canvas on hand and the paint was left over from my foyer project)


Anything not mentioned was borrowed from other rooms in our home. I worked some magic in this room and I’m proud of the impact I made by stretching the $1,000.


So, here comes the best part! Check out all six of the participating bloggers, and vote for your favorite by clicking HERE.


Chris Loves Julia

All Things Thrifty

Yellow Brick Home

Homemade By Carmona

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Haneen’s Haven (that’s me!)


?I’m so honored to have been asked to participate in a project that gives back like this-  I already feel like a winner! But to be able to help the Ronan Thompson Foundation would mean so much! Total icing on the cake! Let’s make it happen!





*This project was sponsored by FrogTape®. All opinion are my own.



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