DIY Reupholstered Bench

Hey, everyone! I found the perfect bench for extra seating in our family room! A touch of gold and “X” legs. Love it!



The only thing that was holding me back was the blue fabric. It actually works in the space because I have touches of blue and green, but as chilly weather approaches, I tend to want things cozier and a bit more warm/neutral. So I decided to reupholster it! I’ve done this before. Last year, I reupholstered our orange ottoman, and you can see that DIY tutorial by clicking HERE. This is super similar, but I figured I’d post a new tutorial for those that missed it the first time around.


I chose a dark grey faux fur fabric. It’s really important to shake it outside before starting. It sheds a TON with the first few shakes. After that you’re golden, but if you don’t take the time to get that extra stuff off, your bench/ottoman will be a shedding mess. I suppose another option is to take a vacuum hose to it when the project is complete, but it’ll be messy while you work, so it’s best to just shake it first.


Next, I unscrewed the top part off…





Then I laid it on top of the fabric upside down and eyeballed how much I needed to keep around it by wrapping it over. You literally want just enough to pull and staple. If you leave too much excess, it just becomes too bulky and difficult to screw back on later. You want to leave the original holes exposed so they’re easy to find later.



Once I cut it all the way around, I began stapling, just doing the center of each side. Be sure you pull it very taut so you don’t leave any ripples on the flip side.



Once you’ve got the center of each side stapled, you just make your way around the rest of the piece, being sure to pull as you go and move to opposite sides each time you staple. This insures proper coverage and makes sure the fabric’s smoothness is evenly distributed.



Corners are tricky! I just cut off a bit of it to make it less bulky, then tucked and stapled.




Once you’ve got it done, you set the legs back on top, line up the holes, and screw it back together.





Easy peasy! All done!






Please let me know if you have any questions!







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