DIY Painted Console Table

Friends! How are you? Are you safe and cozy, staying home with your family? I hope so! Before I get into talking about this quick little DIY makeover, I wanted to take a minute to connect. I miss you! I’m feeling so many things these days. This morning I took a drive, and when I passed the littles’ school, I got teary. The lack of closure to the school year hit me. No goodbyes to the teachers. No end-of-the-year volunteering for fun activities. Missing friends. I’m feeling so many things, but today, mostly nostalgia, and missing structure and routine. Not in a summertime way. This feels so different. There’s an uncertainty to to it. So much unknown. No end date. And no playdates and family visits to fill our days. And the cold spring season isn’t helping! If it could just warm up already! And where are the blooms on our trees?? Feelings galore. Lol.

But I don’t want this to be a downer post. There’s some beautiful things coming from this quarantine in our household. I truly am loving the family dinners where everyone’s home! The lack of hustle-bustle is quite refreshing. Excessive Uno playing and movie watching is giving me life. And let’s just get to it and share the biggest gift of all: THE TIME TO START AND FINISH PROJECTS!

Holy cow, guys. You wouldn’t even recognize me these days. Not only am I cooking (what?!) but I’ve been cleaning and organizing like a mad woman. I’ve made great progress in our garage and our master closet. I’ll share the plans for our closet soon! In the meantime, I’ve been rearranging things in our home out of sheer valium no prescription canada boredom. I brought my collection of vintage mirrors upstairs and tried them in the hallway. I didn’t do any planning- just started hammering away. It needs a bit of adjusting. Also, I think gallery walls look best when they’re all the same thing- I’d like to keep this all mirrors, but needed to fill in with a couple of empty frames and art pieces for the time being. I didn’t have enough mirrors to fill the space, and clearly there’s no shopping or thrifting right now. Sigh…I miss thrifting!

So, after I hung the mirrors, I remembered an old console I had tucked in the basement. I brought it up, and while the scale was right, the finish was all wrong. Here it is before…


It was just a bit too distressed/ “shabby chic” for my style these days. So, I did what any bored human in quarantine does. I found leftover black paint (Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black) from when I painted our staircase last summer, and put it to use.


So much better, right? I appreciate that while it still has a traditional silhouette, the finish is much sleeker. All I had was high gloss, which I wouldn’t typically use on furniture, but for a quick fix, I’m pleased! Notice anything else different?

I swapped out the hardware. I love these gold cup pulls.

One more before…

And after…

There you have it, friends! A quick quarantine project! Go digging through your basement and change something for fun! Stay well, everybody. Every night when I tuck Zane in, I always ask if he feels safe and cozy. It’s taken on a whole new meaning now. I hope you’re all safe and cozy!



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  1. Lou Ann says:

    Without a look of planning using what you have turned out beautiful. Will you be painting your doors black?

  2. Lindsey says:

    Wow – it really pops now!

  3. Mary ann says:

    I love what you did with the console. I’m painting myself, during this time. I wondered if you had any ideas for an oak built in china cabinet that needs a new look?

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