Foyer Hallway Plans!

Friends! I haven’t blogged in forever. A stomach bug ran through our house last month, we traveled to Nashville for a friend’s birthday, and I’ve just been mentally recouping after the shooting at MSU (where our daughter attends school). Mental health breaks are important, and I’m so happy to be back in my happy place- planning spaces and scouring the internet for all the perfect things that make my visions come to life. It’s my favorite way to fall asleep:)

So! The first thing I’m back to share with you today are some plans for our foyer! If you recall, it’s currently got the DIY stripes I painted a few years ago…

Bad news about this beloved table, friends. We had Orkin come to look at it because we found these tiny holes and hills of little piles that looked like ant hills. Turns out it’s powderpost beetles! What?! I’m so bummed! I love this piece so much! I have no idea if it came with them or what, but apparently there’s no real way to get rid of these bugs unless you take it to a fumigation center and it gets “cooked” in a room over a certain number of degrees to kill them. We’re not bothering, sadly. It’s outta here. Which really propelled a plan for the rest of this area. I wanted to address more than just this little corner.

This whole hallway area is getting wallpapered. I love the gallery wall that I’ve started to fill this hallway with, and I think a background of fab wallpaper would really take it to the next level!

Here’s the plan…

The wallpaper…

This color is new for me, but when the sample arrived in the mail I audibly gasped. I tend to lean on olive, rust, brown and black, but this is also in the warm family, so it works! It’s a really rich burgundy red (reading more purple on the computer), and I feel like all of the art is going to look so beautiful on it! People get so afraid to put holes in wallpaper- I get it! But with a busy pattern like this, it makes me less afraid. I think something to consider when evaluating how you want to address all the areas of your home, is to not forget about hallways! This whole first floor area of our foyer is going to become it’s own little room once the paper defines the space. I’m excited!

The furniture…

I love the unexpected pairing of different design styles. The wallpaper is super traditional and formal, and this console from Arhaus is rustic and earthy and casual and modern in shape. Swoon! I’m excited to style this piece! Here’s some tentative plans/ideas I was playing around with…

Honestly, the thing I’m most excited about is switching out the door to our basement and the French doors to our office. Lol! Black glass doors are going to look stunning!!!!

Down the line, I’d love to replace our stair spindles. Not high on the priority list, but you can definitely see me googling staircase images from time to time for inspiration. This design plan is a big step in the right direction! Stay tuned!



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  1. Rebecca says:

    Oooohhh! So pretty. I love you so. 🥰😘

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