Basement Bathroom Plans!

Hooray! First big project of 2019 is here! Friends, I’ve teamed up with a fab and fun group of bloggers for the Choose Your Own Adventure Refresh, hosted by Jewel from Jeweled Interiors! We each chose different spaces to tackle, and I’m SO excited to show you what I have planned!



Our basement bathroom is a DATED, HOT MESS… but not for long! I’m super embarrassed to share the “before” photos, but I’m nothing if not totally open with you guys. And let’s be honest- this is what it looked like when we moved in. It’s not like I made these design choices! Although the grime and grossness is definitely partially us. Lol You’re about to see yellowing vinyl floors, rust stains from college garbage cans, and slime on the walls, folks. And the drawers on the vanity are literally crooked and falling apart. But in my defense, let me just say that this room has been mostly shut off and ignored for years. It’s rarely used; an afterthought, if you will. I actually cleared it out to take photos of it, because I had it filled with bags of old clothes and a rolled up rug or two! So… let’s get to it, shall we?








Did you think I was kidding when I said there were slime stains on the walls? Here’s some close up proof. Lol!



Ok, I can’t get past these “before” photos fast enough. Ridiculously excited to gut this and bring this mood board to life!


Gah! Love this so much! Let’s discuss…


I picked out amazing 8×8″ tile from Villa Lagoon for the floors.  They have such a good selection of cement tile! There are so many ways you can lay this pattern out, but I’m digging it in a diamond pattern. It’s bold, but I’m ok with that because I always think bathrooms are the place to take risks and have some fun! It’s important to have balance though. So my plan for now is simple neutral walls. But I’d love to paint the linen closet door something fun! Stay tuned for that choice! Hoping to pull a shade of blue from the gorgeous floral print from Minted! I’m obsessed with Minted. They’re my go-to source for fabulous art options. With a bold geometric print on the floor, I wanted art that softens it up. I love abstract art, but I think that would’ve been a bit much with the flooring, so a pretty floral painting seemed perfect!


Let’s talk lighting! I wanted something modern and whimsical. The Mini Hinsdale from Hudson Valley totally fit the bill! I decided to use chrome in here. I like it paired with the natural wood vanity from Signature Hardware! If you know my style well, then you know I like the juxtaposition of materials that don’t typically go together. Something rustic like the vanity next to something polished like this light and this faucet (also from Signature Hardware) is a great example of that. 


I chose the mirror you see because I liked that it has a small shelf for decorative items/extra storage. Also, I’m abnormally excited about a fresh, new toilet! This current toilet has seen better days. Signature Hardware literally has everything you need for a bathroom remodel!


So, here’s what’s next! The room refresh is a three week blog hop. Please be sure to visit the list of bloggers below to hear everyone’s plans! I’m looking forward to checking them out! Next week we’ll be sharing the progress of our rooms, and the week after will be the reveals!


Thank you so much to Signature Hardware, Hudson Valley Lighting, Villa Lagoon Tile, and Minted for sponsoring this bathroom! I’m so excited to get started!






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