Zane's Michael Jackson Party

Zane is five! Gah! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my silly videos, you know this boy is such an old soul with a LOVE of the 80s! His Michael Jackson obsession began around Halloween. My husband showed him the Thriller video and at first I was upset thinking it was way too scary for him, and then I quickly realized that it was leading to a love affair with all things music and dance related and I LOVED every bit of it! This kid has a crazy memory. He’s mastered lots of MJ facts that would just knock you off your feet. Give him a song title, he’ll tell you what album it’s on. Give him an MJ duet, he’ll tell you who the duet’s with. Give him a costume, he’ll tell you what video it belongs to. I know I’m his mom, but he just amazes me. And I have this love of music to thank for his learning how to read at such a young age. He loves looking up songs on YouTube and following the lyrics.





As his fifth birthday approached, his love of  Michael Jackson began to spread to 80s rock in general: Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Twisted Sister. His Spotify requests in the car were cracking me up, and I knew I had to throw a little party to honor all the things that have made Zane “Zane” this year. It was totally low-key, with just a few family members, but I still wanted to make sure I had special touches that I knew he’d love.



I loved getting to hang balloons from our new chandelier! Sounds crazy, but when I picked it out, I knew I’d have a field day thinking of different ways to style that beauty for different parties. A few balloons did the trick for this. And quick tip about the cake- if you want the look of a two-tiered cake, but don’t need one because you’re having a small party (and don’t want to pay the hefty price tag!) … layer it on top of a circular box! I found this one at Hobby Lobby and it worked like a charm!



I brought down his Michael Jackson poster and hung it in the kitchen, and my favorite thing was the cupcake toppers! You can find them by clicking HERE.



Click HERE for the AC/DC tshirt 🙂



So here was a major highlight for me (and Zane!) Look what my husband’s sister, Andrea, found! Here Zane is waiting for her to bring in the surprise…






Look at his face! That smile says it all! Even though he said, “That isn’t even a real person.” Lol!



Look! We live here! Lol! Sometimes I wonder if the staged photos on Instagram get old. I love seeing homes lived in! Also, I love that Michael Jackson has just casually joined the party. 




Clearly, he was having no fun at all. Lol! Also, I spy an empty side table because now I have a dog to think about. Rolling my eyes so hard!



Just another lived in/messy photo in the new kitchen:) I spy some green books that have creeped their way in here and I’m not mad about it!





You may have heard me panic over on Instagram about not being able to find someone to do the cake.  With his birthday in the midst of graduation season, I needed to remember to order it WAY in advice, and of course I didn’t, so I was struggling, but a friend texted me saying she knew someone who could do it- and they totally pulled through! If you’re local, you can find them on Facebook under My Little Bakery.



Thank you so much for all of the love you show this sweet boy of mine! I read and appreciate your messages and I thank you for letting me share him with you! 


If you missed it, last week I shared a bit of my blogging history along with all of the mentors for the Haven Conference! If you missed it, click HERE! Stay tuned for a summer table scape on the 12th and a summer home tour on the 14th! Look at me blogging three times in one week! 


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