Zane's 4th Birthday

My baby is four! If you follow me on Instagram, you see my little sidekick in my instastories all the time. He’s the kid always smiling in the background, playing with legos and trying to ignore the fact that his mom is talking to virtually no one while staring into a phone screen. Lol. He asked me the other day, “Mom, who are you talking to?” and I was honestly shocked he never asked that sooner!


If you’re new here, Zane is my first (and only) boy after three girls. The day we found out it was a boy was honestly one of the highlights of my life. Not because he was a boy. I was just so excited for something different. I would’ve felt the same excitement if it was a girl after three boys. And if you would’ve seen me in the ultrasound room, you would’ve thought I was indeed a crazy person. I laughed and cried simultaneously for a solid ten minutes. Just couldn’t stop. And I’m notorious for doing that when I get SUPER hyped up about something. When I jumped out of an airplane years ago, I literally laughed the entire way down. It’s like an uncontrollable reaction to feeling excited and happy. Anyhoooo, cut to four years later, and we celebrated his birthday this weekend with a small group of family. I say small, but really it was around 20 adults and 20 kids. That’s small for us. If you wanna see how grand my parties used to be, you can check out his first birthday celebration by clicking HERE. Pin away on that ones folks, pin away!


So, even though I didn’t do anything elaborate or Pinterest-worthy (I’m honestly just too busy at the end of the school year, and he won’t remember the hours I spend on handmade centerpieces anyway), I thought I’d share the fun we had. Because according to the endless amounts of messages I get from you all, you love this kid almost as much as I do:)







I love seeing the homes I follow on Instagram actually in USE! You see this dining room staged and empty all the time. Here it is filled with munchkins I love:)



Shop dining room…



Do you spy a few new things in here? Tune in Friday for a Summer Home Tour!


Shop family room…



Ah, the infamous kitchen I never share! Cover your eyes people; it’s getting a makeover soon!





Sneak peek of the back porch! Full reveal on Friday!


Shop outdoor space…




And I couldn’t resist sharing an outtake! Apparently someone needs to use the bathroom. Lol…



This dress is from TJMaxx, but here’s some similar ones… click on the images to be directed to the link!


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