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I receive so many questions asking where I start designing a room. I’d love to help guide you, but I’m writing today to tell you that inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere. I often find one random small thing that I fall in love with, and an entire room ends up being built around it.


In the case of my 13 year old daughter’s bedroom makeover, inspiration came from a journal! She spotted it while we were out shopping and really loved the soft colors of the cover.



She had also fallen in love with a faux fur ombre pillow a while back that ran from black to white. 



When she found the journal, she questioned whether she could have pastel tones and mix in some black, but I assured her I’d come up with something that made it all work.


I created this mood board to show her the simplicity of it all. I’m looking into faux brick wallpaper, a grey tufted headboard, and a sleek white desk. These three things create the perfect neutral backdrop for any colors! I threw in the pastels from the journal in the rug, throw pillows, and art. The pops of black and gold are an added layer of sophistication for this growing teen. 


I’m feeling slightly stressed with a new school year fast approaching. I promised this one a new room before summer ends so that she goes back with a fresh start, but she is super slow at making decisions! Here’s hoping this mood board helps her see the bigger picture so we can get the ball rolling. Remember my original post about this room makeover? We’ve been talking about this for almost a year! And the lack of progress isn’t helping her little sister, who’s also on my heels about her own room. A few posts back I talked about giving my 3 year old’s room to her so she wouldn’t have to share a room (because my 3 year old hasn’t been sleeping in his room anyway- he’s been sleeping in our room. I know what you’re thinking. He obviously won’t be sleeping with us forever and will need his own room eventually. Read the plan HERE.)


So, for now, this is the plan and I’m excited to officially get started and see what changes as we progress (There’s always changes when it comes to designing kids’ rooms!) 


What inspires you when you design a room? Where do you usually start?













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