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Hello, hello! Popping in to shoot you a quick mood board for my living room refresh! I know what some of you may be thinking- this room is complete. BUT, I designed it four years ago, and it just needs some new life! The stencil is staying! It was too much of a labor of love to paint over it right now. So my goal in giving this room a refresh, is to design it in a way that makes me love brown again:) It can be done! It’s all about accents! There are three main things that need to happen, and here’s a look at what it is now so you can follow along with my thought process…



1) The rug(s) needs to go! While using two runners to form one larger rug may seem creative to some, to me it was a temporary solution to needing a bigger rug but really liking this runner from Home Goods. And since they didn’t have a bigger size, I simply butted two next to each other. But let’s face it- it isn’t ideal. So, when shopping for a rug, I needed one that incorporated the brown of the walls, but still had some fun colors I could play off of. I’ve loved this one from Anthro forever…


Brilliant Poppies Rug 


Maybe it’s the spring fever going on in my head, but the florals are giving me all the heart eyes. So I loved that I found one similar (and more affordable) with more brown in it to make the walls work.



2) Next up: getting rid of the cabinet. Not much to say here other than the fact that a dark brown cabinet against a dark brown wall just doesn’t do much for me. Not sure what I was thinking when I did it. There’s no feeling that’s evoked when I stare at it. Just brown on brown.  Where’s the fun in that? Good news is, I’m not a fan of waste, and this can easily be moved to one of my kids’ rooms for extra storage. Maybe I’ll paint it a fun color and back the glass with fun paper. Fun DIY possibilities! I’ve also decided that the piece that’s going in here is the gorgeous Home Goods sideboard that’s currently in my family room.



I want the room a little less global and a little more mid-century modern, so this awesome piece will help offset the moroccan vibe of the wall stencil. It’s different than the one in the mood board. I just popped in a similar one from All Modern.


3) Let there be light! This room isn’t wired with a ceiling light. so there’s been one solo lamp in here for years. It makes for a beautifully moody room, but it’s time to brighten things up in here! I’ve decided to add either two wall sconces or two lamps to the console going in here. 


So, with that being said, and without further ado, here’s the mood board that’s throwing all of these ideas together…


Ignore the chairs. Lol I’m just using the green chairs that are already used in this room. They’re currently residing in the family room…



I couldn’t find chairs like this online for the mood board, so I just popped in other green chairs to give you an idea:) I probably could’ve hunted down the right ones, but it’s 3am and this mama of four is ready for bed.


I should also mention that since I’m currently “over” orange, I wanted something in place of the orange ottoman. Enter Lex Mod’s Lippa Artifical Marble Coffee Table. (See mood board) I love the 40″ scale of it, I love that it’s circular, and marble is so in right now. It just makes the room more current and brightens it up a bit.


Let’s talk about art. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my videos, you know that I was struggling with art. Here’s why: I’M OBSESSED WITH MINTED. Their selection is SO good, and since I love everything, it was making it hard to decide. Inevitably, I was drawn to the predominately pink piece that’s in the mood board, but here are the others I was considering side-by-side with the rug. Let me know your thoughts! Is there one you like better? I’ve linked them all underneath so you can see the full view of the painting, and shop for that matter! Maybe one of these works for YOU! 


 Playful by Melanie Severin

(Loving the fresh greens, but decided they weren’t close enough to the greens in the rug)

 Sweet Spot by Lindsay Megahed

 Retreat by Lindsay Megahed

 Leave Behind the Shadows by Emily Jeffords

 Orange Rush by Lisa Mclean

(decided this is a bit busy with the rug)

 Fragment 2 by Hooray Creative

Fragment 1 by Hooray Creative 


Ok, there you have it! My thoughts in a nutshell! Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you!




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