Girl's Bedroom Reveal!

Hi, everyone! So, here it is: reveal #1 of 2! Remember at the beginning of the school year when my two younger daughters who shared a room finally got separated and I promised to post those? Well, here we are, in February, and I’m finally sharing one of them! You know how it goes, guys. I got them officially moved in before the school year started (by the skin of my teeth, really) but didn’t finish all the fun details until recently. Rome wasn’t built in a day! I don’t know if I’d consider this bedroom to be Rome, really, as nothing drastic was done. Lol But, the changes are adorable, and it took some time for me to find just the right rug to finish it off, and paint a new nightstand. I’m a mom of four busy kids! Sometimes certain projects get pushed to the bottom of the list.


So, the first bedroom I’m showing you is Maleah’s. She’s my eight year old. She kept the room that they shared. Raya’s room (my 11 year old) is the one who took Zane’s nursery. That’s quite the BEFORE & AFTER, and that’ll be shared next! Her room was a little trickier to complete because she’s older and had specific ideas of her own, and also the color palette is very soft and mostly neutral. My eyes don’t typically work that way (I’m a bold color lover, can you tell?) so it’s taking me a bit longer to find the right touches. Stay tuned for that!


So let’s get to it! Here’s what the room looked like BEFORE. 



The two shared beds were mine and my sister’s childhood beds, and I stenciled them using a chevron pattern from Royal Design Studio. It was a fun room, and technically I could’ve just gotten rid of one bed and kept it as is, but… I’m over chevron. And the rug in this photo was worn, curling up on the corners, and driving me nuts. So, with a new bed and a new rug and just a few little tweaks, here’s what it looks like now…


girls room reveal


I swapped the painted beds for this cute white canopy bed that you can find HERE. I don’t know why, but I’ve had visions for the longest time of draping a cute garland on a canopy, so that’s what I went with! I tied three together. Found them at Hobby Lobby, but you can find similar ones HERE.




ombre throw blanket



tufted ottoman


I cleared the gallery wall out for a more edited look, and painted the “M” for over her bed. That M was a mustard yellow color and used to be on our mantel (our last initial). But it’s been sitting in our basement storage room and I thought it’d be perfect in her room (her name is Maleah). Upped the fun factor by making it a bit more graphic and taping it off to incorporate two shades of pink.


canopy bed


I bought craft paint to match the large euro sham (find that HERE). And I used a color called Funny Face by Behr for the lighter pink. I used that on the nightstand as well.


paint dipped glass bottles


It’s so fun to style a kid’s room! I found those adorable class bottles on clearance at Hobby Lobby. The larger ones were a dollar and the smaller ones were 75 cents! Fresh tulips seemed perfect for those. You could always also fill these with markers maybe? Colored pencils? Or just empty is fun too!


fresh tulips



paint dipped glass bottles



I know what you’re going to ask… what happened to the other two rows of books? Well, over the years, the other two shelves came loose from the walls. Lol Here’s some real life… My sweet girl filled the bottom portion of the wall with drawings of puppies as part of a ploy to talk us into getting one (newsflash: it worked!) I just temporarily removed them for these photos:) Here they are in all of their glory!


puppy drawings


So, truthfully, the whole thing started with this pillow from Home Goods…


embroidered pillow


embroidered pillow


painted nightstand


I thought the textures and colors were beautiful. One thing I knew was that I didn’t want to paint the room. I stenciled that feature wall a few years ago and it was a labor of love, so whatever we did had to work with yellow. Maleah wanted pink. When your child wants a color and you either a) don’t want to paint the room, or b) don’t like the color they want (LOL) then make it a point to incorporate lots of it into the room. You don’t have to put it on the walls to make an impact. In this case, I decided to paint this new nightstand pink instead. I found it at Home Goods and it came stained a dark brown. I liked the bones of it though. The silhouette of the legs is whimsical and childlike, so I thought it was the perfect candidate for a paint job. Turned out pretty cute! And styling is always my favorite part of any room makeover. I loved adding special, personal touches to Maleah’s nightstand. She is so in love with our new puppy, Gibson, it was hard to resist framing a sweet photo of the two of them, snuggling. Also, she’s a dancer (currently in tap, jazz, and ballet) so I thought the colorful “Dance in the rain” sign was fitting.


nightstand styling


This one loves to read (thank goodness for that!) So I gathered her favorites into this cute polka dot basket. Circles/dots seem to be a running theme in this room. From the puff balls on the sham, to the dots on the bedding, glider, toss pillow, and drapes. Even the garland:) 


gold polka dot basket


sheer polks dot drapes


I did keep the one row of picture books against this wall as well. It’s a cute way to display picture books. She’s onto chapter books now, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull this down. I DIY’d the “read” letters with yarn years ago.


picture book shelf display


yarn initial diy


So this next part of the room is still a bit of a work in progress. This was my childhood desk that I painted purple years ago. I’ll eventually paint it again (probably the same color as the nightstand maybe?). But for now, since it’s such a colorful room, it’s not THAT out of place. Lol. So here’s her desk area…


purple desk


puff ball lamp


That fun puff ball lamp is from Home Goods, and that white frame holds her birth announcement. She’s eight years old, but it’s just the cutest little photo of her and her sisters. Can’t seem to bring myself to put it away.


Here’s a view from the Jack and Jill bathroom that she shares…



That gorgeous ombre throw blanket is from Home Depot! Did you know they have a great selection of home decor products online? I actually used that in a blog post I did for them about how to add color to a neutral room. You can find that post by clicking HERE.


I hope this inspires you to have a little fun in your kids’ rooms! And don’t be afraid to give old furniture (or new furniture that you love the shape of but not the color it comes in) a fresh coat of paint! Such an easy way to change the look of something. 

Shop this room…

 Fingers crossed bedroom #2 reveal won’t be too far behind this one! Stay tuned!




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