FrogTape® Challenge: Week 1

Hi, everyone! This is quite an exciting project, and if you haven’t heard me talking about it over on Instagram (@haneens_haven), here’s the scoop: FrogTape®, my favorite painters’ tape, invited me and five other design bloggers to participate in what they call a “Paintover” challenge! They armed us with $1,000 to make over one room, along with a box full of goodies/supplies…



Here’s the kicker… this is a contest open to public voting, and winner gets $10,000 to give to charity (say WHAT? How awesome!!) AND a page spread in HGTV magazine. What an amazing opportunity! I’m thrilled to have the chance to donate to the Ronan Thompson Foundation, a charity named after a sweet boy who lost his life to cancer just days before his 4th birthday. I came across his mother’s blog just after his death and became completely captivated by the daily letters she wrote to her late son. It’s extremely sad of course, but to watch the strength this woman shows and all that she’s doing to help fight this disease is so inspiring. It would just be amazing to raise money for this charity!


So, let’s talk about what’s in the works! I’ve chosen our family room and I’ll tell you why. It has a great foundation. I like the furnishings and the reclaimed wood wall we installed two years ago. But it’s always lacked something, and I’ve never been able to put my finger on it! I’m using this challenge as a great opportunity to bring some drama to this space! And here’s the best part. Each design blogger was assigned a design trend to incorporate into their rooms, and I was given “Back to the Future.” It’s a trend that’s all about mixing old and new, and if you know me, you know that’s exactly what I LOVE!


So here’s a look at the room BEFORE…





I’ve stripped it to its bare bones for the most part to give you a cleaner slate to look at, but I’ll be bringing back in some basics to save on budget (and borrowing from other rooms!) Here’s the mood board:



So, let’s talk about how I’m incorporating the “Back to the Future” trend. This trend has a cool, seamless pairing of retro and modern, and that’s exactly what I want to bring to this space, starting with the fireplace. I’ve allocated almost half of my budget to a fireplace makeover! I’ve wanted to change the stacked stone for quite some time. It’s not quite my taste anymore, and it’s always bothered me next to the wood wall, visually. I’m a fan of contrast and juxtapositions, and because both of these buy finasteride 5mg elements are on the rustic side, and both features showcase horizontal lines, it’s time for a change!


We’re swapping out the stacked stone for sleek, polished marble in a herringbone pattern, and drama will come into play by painting the fireplace black! That’s more like it! The molding on the fireplace lends itself to a more traditional look, but painting it black gives it a modern edge. The retro? The new chandelier! I’ve been drawn to this beauty forever, and I found an amazing deal on one that sits close to the ceiling- exactly what I needed!



I’m also considering moving the white mid-century modern coffee table from the front living room in here. I think the white would look amazing near the black fireplace.  I only question the change because my four year old son LOVES using that huge wooden coffee table as a dance floor when he’s playing “Just Dance” on Wii. If you know my son, you know he’s a big time music lover. An 80’s officianodo, if you will. Lol I adore watching him dance on that table. Lol! BUT, for the sake of the makeover, and having the perfect retro table to add to the “Back to the Future” vibe, I think I’ll go with this plan. It’s important to get creative when you have a strict budget, and that means shopping around my house for free items that I already have.


This trend is a balancing act, so with every element I added, it was important to think of something to incorporate next that’s a beautiful contrast to it. After I found the funky chandelier, I wanted to find a classic, traditional chair to put near the staircase. This has always been an awkward empty space, and we’re always looking for more seating when entertaining. It just was screaming for a nice chair and side table! I found this black and grey striped beauty for a crazy good price and fell in love…



FrogTape® will be a HUGE help in this design plan! I’m using it for everything from framing out the fireplace to paint, to creating a large space on the floor to lay out a plan for a gallery wall, to an art project that’ll fit on that wall.





Stay tuned for the how-to on that art project (it was fun to mimic my fun foyer wall that you can see by clicking HERE). Next week I’ll show you the progress of this fun challenge! Thank you to Frog Tape® for inviting me to join the fun and supplying everything I need for the success of the painting projects in this room makeover!







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