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Hi, Everyone! First off, just wanted to thank you all for your One Room Challenge support and positive feedback over the laundry makeover! If you missed it, you can see that by clicking HERE. So incredibly honored to have been featured on House Beautiful this week! You can see that HERE. As for what’s next? Just focusing on the holidays! Christmas is fast approaching! And in the world of blogging, we start EARLY! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and I feel WAY behind as I watch my designer pals put up their trees and I’m slow to get going. Perhaps it’s a post ORC drag. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- there should be a medical term for mentally recuperating after a six week design challenge. Lol


But, I will say, throughout the fall I’ve taken great pleasure in cozying up the family room with some updates I’ve been excited to show you! Come cooler months, I tend to want to eliminate some color from the main living areas of our home. I think maybe it’s because holiday decor works best with a neutral backdrop. So, for starters, I moved the navy rug to the basement, and found this crazy soft grey shag rug from Home Goods.



I’m telling you, it is SO comfy on the feet! And I get so excited when I find a large 8×10 rug at Home Goods! It was the perfect start for going “cozy.” 


I’m obsessed, (obsessed, I say!) with the new console I scored! Also from Home Goods! The modern geometric feel had me at hello. And I love the gold base and handles. It’s a beautifully made piece, and it’s perfect for storing extra toys and books.



I also swapped the lamps I had in here. They were gorgeous- a cool white base with navy shades. Very summery. I’m sure I’ll bring them back in warmer months, but for now, the white was too stark and the blue needed to go. These lamps have the look of concrete and the shades are a warm creamy color. 



What else? The drapes! They had a coastal vibe. White with a navy pattern. I swapped and replaced them with these heavy grey velvet drapes from Ikea. Who knew grey could feel so warm? It’s all about texture when you’re going neutral, folks! And velvet, to me, immediately feels warm and inviting.



Another color elimination came in the art. I moved the bright and bold blue and green abstract painting I had on the wood wall up to the laundry room. Then I browsed my absolute FAVORITE site for art- Minted. The selection is amazing and I love that they support artists from around the country. Because I wanted neutral, and because I’m feeling a bit more modern these days, I fell in love with this watercolor abstract piece.




Isn’t it amazing? I love juxtapositions, and I think a modern piece like this looks so good against a rustic wall. All the heart eyes!


Another new piece that I was so excited to find is this set of acrylic nesting side tables from World Market. Gorgeous and airy!



Two things I’m still working on? Finding the perfect chairs. So many people have commented on how much they love my green ones. They do work for now, but they belong in the living room. Also, the bench next to the coffee table- remember when I posted a tutorial on reupholstering that baby? Well, I decided I didn’t love the fur against the shag rug, so I ripped it off. Lol. No big loss- it was an easy project and the fabric was only $15, so no waste there. I’m sure I’ll reuse it elsewhere in the house. The original blue fabric it came with actually works, but again, since I’m attempting to go neutral, I’m on the hunt for the perfect fabric.


I was going to wait til everything was exactly as I wanted it to do this post, but who knows how long that’ll take! So, for now, hope you enjoyed a look at some updates that are making me happy:) 






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