Art Van Sectional Review

Hi, guys! I know I shared a little peak of our new Harper sectional from Art Van in mySummer Home Tour a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to chat a bit more about it and show some other goodies I picked up!

So, after a few weeks living with this new piece, I gotta say, it fits our family so beautifully! It’s deep and spacious! Fills the room nicely and it’s so welcoming at the end of a long day. The cushions are comfortable and I love the fabric!

Delivery was a breeze. Everyone was so kind and helpful and efficient! The extra fun part after picking out the new sectional, was heading to Art Van to shop for accessories. Are you familiar with Art Van? It’s a Michigan based company, but you can order online nationwide! So if you see anything you like here, you should head to their site for some browsing!

For starters… I found a new coffee table! I know I showed you two layered circular ones recently in this space, but as I was browsing the store, I spotted this one and it’s got such a cool base-  I just couldn’t pass it up. The circular tulip table is back to its home in the brown room for now. I loved having something round in here, but honestly, a square fits a sectional shape so perfectly. It’s been great! If I ever swap them again, I think I’d spray paint the base gold to fit in well in the brown room. We shall see, but for now, I love it in here.

Spot something new back there? I came across this abstract art and brought it home to try.

I recognize I already have some black and white abstract art in this room, so I may use these in my foyer. The foyer is done, guys! If you didn’t know, I’ve been painstakingly painting our staircase. Ugggghhh. It was brutal, but it’s done, and a post with all the details is coming soon!

Oh. So. Worth. It !!!

Ok, back to the family room! Wanted to show you two more things! The first is the super cute new clock on the mantle…

You guys know I love black and gold. I just couldn’t resist this glam little thing!

And this piece is for the kitchen…

Did you know that Art Van has a whole section of one of a kind pieces? Lots of cool treasures! I found this unique wooden tray/bowl and thought it’d be such a warm touch to my black, white, and gold kitchen! Filled it with green apples and absolutely love it. And it’s versatile… I can easily throw this on the coffee table and maybe fill it with moss balls or other decorative accents.

So, there you have it, friends! The family room is coming along! I think I’m getting closer to finding the perfect new rug. It’s been a slow process because I feel like I’m having an identity crisis! You all know I love fun, bold colors, but for some reason I’m really drawn to muted, earthy tones for this room lately! I’m so confused! I want to try something different, but at the same time, I don’t want the room to not make sense with the rest of our home. It’s a whole different conversation we can save for another day. Lol Just stay tuned to see the direction this room is taking:) But my new pieces from Art Van are the perfect start!



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