Yosemite Home Decor Cabinet and Tips To Style It

Hi, everybody! How are we already past the halfway mark of October? That’s first of all. Second of all, are you ready to see the newest addition to our family room?? I’m so excited to share this beautiful piece from Mikel Welch’s line for Yosemite Home Decor. This, my friends, is the Riley cabinet

Find the cabinet HERE

It’s the perfect piece to finish off this room! Ever since I scooted up the swivel chairs, this wall has been missing that “special something.” The Riley cabinet is so substantial and beautiful! It fills the space so well and looks so good with the wood wall! And look at the hardware details!

Texture for days! I had a blast styling it and figured I’d share some tips I always go by.

Tips for styling shelves…

  1. Use books for varying heights
  2. Mix textures to keep things interesting! Brass, wood, wicker, stone… it’s all in there.
  3. Alter items- I tend to work in a zigzag pattern. So if I’m using a stack of books, I’ll use another stack diagonally across from it.

Thank you to Yosemite Home Decor for gifting this gorgeous piece! You can shop for it, HERE. I’m so excited to style it for the upcoming holiday season!

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  1. Jill Myers says:

    Haneen/Hansen (I laugh every time it autocorrects). This piece is incredible!! I love the handles and your styling looks great. Also, your photography! If you ever want to visit Philly and take some pics for me, I pay well haha. So good!

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