Tween Bedroom Mural Update!

Hi, guys! So, I had every intention of sharing this when the entire room was finished, but figured I’d at least go ahead and share the side of the room with the mural in case you’re looking for ways to update a room as it gets closer to the holidays. Great project for over Christmas break! Especially if you have a growing tween like I do, who just wasn’t feeling her “little kid” room anymore…


Yes, it was adorable and colorful and fun. But it no longer felt like “her.” And isn’t that what interior design is all about? A true representation of ourselves? A way to be artistically expressive? She wanted something simple, relaxing, and kind of nature-inspired. She asked for something with a sage/light green, so I got hunting on Tempaper’s website! They have a huge selection of removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper, which is exactly what I wanted. I painted that stencil on her wall about ten years ago, and since it holds sentimental value, painting over it made me sad. Lol. Peel-and-stick paper gives me peace of mind that it’s still back there, just hiding behind something that suits her better now. And frankly, I love it even more!


Such a pretty transformation! And it was honestly so easy to do! They labeled each section of the mural, so it was easy to map out on the floor.

You simply peel away the backing and smooth it down with the handy tool they provide. And if you make any mistakes along the way, you can easily peel it off and readjust. It’s so forgiving!

We then started hunting down the right paint color for the rest of the walls. She basically wanted the main background color of the mural, so we settled on Glidden’s “Balanced.”

Frog Tape®’s yellow tape is for delicate surfaces, and perfect to use on the mural to prevent damage! Ideally, it would’ve made more sense to paint before we hung the mural, but we were too impatient. Lol.

These fun pendant lights are from Home Goods! Still trying to find a good solution for the cords.

Ok, guys- stay tuned for a fun project on the other side of this room! She’s asked me to paint a funky design on her closet doors, and her birthday is this week, so let’s get going!



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  1. Lori says:

    When Tarek gets tired of you redoing all the spots in your house because they already look perfect, I have some walls in Colorado that could use your talent.

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