Tackling a TV Wall

Ah, the dreaded tv wall. It’s always been a challenge, hasn’t it? For, me anyway. There’s no perfect way to tackle the tv wall because let’s be honest- TVs just aren’t pretty. I had a gallery wall surrounding our tv for a bit, but it always bothered me that the sideboard that the tv was sitting on didn’t fill the wall space up very well…

And really, as much as I love a gallery wall, I’m not sure it was doing what I hoped it would to mask the tv. Lol! Enter Arhaus. I’ve always been an Arhaus fan. Their furnishings are so beautiful and such high quality, and I was so excited when I started looking through their media consoles and sideboards to find really long ones. I immediately fell in love with the Hattie sideboard. And it comes as long as 90″!

Clearly, the arches were an immediate “yes” for me. I also loved the shiitake stain color with the black interior. This was the beginning of heading in the right direction with this wall! Bonus that it was long enough to fit two lamps. Arhaus has such a great selection of lighting, and I immediately fell for these black beauties...

So, I was fighting getting one of those Samsung Frame TVs that hangs on the wall. I know it’s the obvious choice, and that having a tv that still sits on top of a console is technically the more dated route, but it just never was really on top of my priority list. So, as I fought it, I tried going the route of one large piece of art behind the tv, which looked like this…

Well, that canvas print, called Autumn Lane from Juniper Print Shop, is stunning, but it still didn’t feel right. It was a shame to have some of it hiding behind the tv and seemed a bit awkward. So, then I had some fun borrowing pieces from Arhaus to style for fun, without the tv.

Wowwww. Now we’re talking. Confession? This convinced me to go the Frame tv route. Enter the emoji of the woman hitting her forehead with her palm. Why did I not realize this sooner? Having the tv ON THE WALL and have it FEATURE ART and then leave the gorgeous sideboard for styling??? Freaking bingo, friends. I’m slow to this game, apparently. Look at the beautiful Arhaus pieces I styled with!

This gorgeous ruffle bowl is a dream. And I love the vibe of the candle holders! The sleek contemporary art is icing on the cake. This whole area looks amazing; it’s a shame we have to put the tv back. Lol! I really am excited about the new tv though. We went with the 65″ so it’ll take up a good amount of space on this wall and it can just be one big piece of art on its own. Arrives next week! Stay tuned for that!

One more thing to share. I initially ordered this table and this lamp from Arhaus for the family room, but after the new sectional arrived, I realized it was a bit of a tight squeeze. No worries though, because I found other amazing spaces for these gorgeous pieces!

I love the shape and subtle rusticity of this table. Looks great in the living room! I styled my latest thrift score on it! Vintage ceramic chess set from the 60s!

And I can’t say enough good things about this lamp. The fluted shade is so pretty and really substantial in size! This lamp is heavy!

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How do you work around your tv?

Cheers to learning as you go,


~I was gifted items in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own!

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