Stikwood Wall

Well, I fiiiiiinally styled the wood wall! It’s been done for a bit now, but I took FOREVER deciding on art! Which means the sconces going up were also on hold. And I couldn’t find the “perfect” chairs. Oy! I’ve never been so indecisive. Anyway, I know the art is different than what I originally planned- I’ll talk about that in a future post. And I still haven’t found perfect chairs, so these chairs from our living room are filling in for now. So, without further ado, let’s get to talking about this rustic feature wall! 




Screwing right into the wood was a piece of cake when installing these sconces!




So, I’ve had lots of questions about this, and to answer the main one- yes, this is real reclaimed wood! It’s sliced into super thin pieces of varied lengths, and behind each strip is extremely strong adhesive strips on the back. This is essentially a “peel and stick” project. Super easy! The only “work” involved is making sure it’s level from the start, stepping back and making sure you spread out the pieces so not all similar pieces are clumped together, and sawing off pieces for edges. My brother-in-law helped with that last part. Just FYI, for this project, I used the Reclaimed Weathered Wood option- you can find it HERE.



That right there is a pic of a happy mail day! My new chandelier from Lighting Design Company and my box of Stikwood arrived on the same day! It was like Christmas morning!


Here’s the wall before…


Don’t mind the blue tape- I was situating furniture placement. I started by laying out the pieces on the floor to spread out the darker pieces. Those were my favorite, and since I knew I’d have art going on the center of the wall, I clustered generic name for soma muscle relaxer similar ones there since I knew it’d be covered up anyway. Had to save the darker gems for around the edges!


Before I got started, I sanded the wall where I had any nail holes just to make sure everything was smooth and flush. Then when it came to installing the wood, I made a rookie mistake. I started in the middle of the wall. I did that because the first piece I installed is the piece that lays above mantle. I thought that’d be an easy way to start off level, but it just makes for unevenness at both the top and bottom of the wall, which means more trimming. You might as well start at the top so you have full pieces up there, and then when you get to the bottom, no big deal if you need to trim that row!


This is what the back looks like…



And my idea of a “fun mess.”






With the pieces that were left to fill on the edges, I found which ones I wanted to go where, and then numbered them (see above) so we could mark how much gets cut off for which number.



And voila! What a statement! This wall has truly brought so much warmth to the space! It feels cozy in here! Stay tuned for more photos of this room’s reveal on Monday for my Summer Home Tour #2! And let me know if you have any questions! And speaking of statements, how about that new chandelier? Wahoooo! Good bye ceiling fan! Thank you so much to Lighting Design Company (with the most insane selection of lighting options!) and Stikwood for offering the easiest way to put up a reclaimed wood wall EVER!




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