Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Week Two

It’s here! It’s HERE!!!! I’ve been chomping at the bit to share the plans for our office with you all! As an artist, nothing is more fun (and rewarding!) than coming up with an idea/concept/vision, spending hours and hours tweaking and revising it, then watching it unfold before your eyes. To me, this room truly will be a work of art, and I’m so excited to get started!

Let’s get to it! As a reminder, here is a look at the room I’m redesigning.

Notice the word redesign. Which means for me, there isn’t an awful “before” shot to share. Our current office is lovely, but my style has changed a bit and your home should reflect who you are. Friends, I present to you, the mood board! …

I feel like this is the grown up version of me. Lol. I feel like this about all the rooms I’m designing in our home these days. I’ve just learned so much over the years designing spaces, that they’re finally a true, sophisticated version of how I’ve felt all along. That’s the thing I’ve always said- your spaces should make you feel something when you walk into them. Just as paintings do when you walk past them in a museum. They all evoke different feelings. And every room should too. I’m hoping this evokes a feeling of storytelling. A writer’s space, if you will! I’ve always worked all over the house; taking my laptop to the kitchen island, the dining table, the sofa, the bed. But it’ll feel good to have a designated space that I actually want to work in.

An off the wall idea (literally)…

So, I’ve hinted at an “epic” idea I have for the ceiling. I have no example photo to show you since I googled it and found nothing- which makes me SO happy! I get bummed when I come up with something and then realize it’s been done before. Lol! So, you know my love of books, right? I’ve used vintage books in countless ways around my house. This time, I want to use them on my ceiling! I’m not exactly sure how this is going to go down, guys. Or should I say, how it’ll go UP. I’ve collected lots of black hardcover books over the years, and I’m hoping to somehow nail(?) them to the ceiling. No idea if this’ll be as cool as it is in my head, but here’s a few arranged on the floor to give you an idea…

I’ll need to weed out ones that lean navy or purple, and I’d love to include some with more print/design on the covers and not just the binding. Stay tuned! I really like the three dimensional aspect of this idea.


This wouldn’t be easy without the sponsors involved, so I’m so pleased to showcase the companies I’m collaborating with on this, and the pieces they’re contributing!



Anthropologie is also sponsoring countless accessories, and I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor. It’s been a dream of mine to collaborate with them! Definite pinch me moment in my career.

Lulu & Georgia

Speaking of pinch me moments! Lulu & Georgia, friends! Super thankful for the following:

Dying over the color, the shape, and the wood accents of THIS SOFA
LOVE the leather handles on THIS DESK
Sarah Sherman Samual BOUCLE PILLOW


I partnered with Thibaut for the primary bedroom I designed for the Detroit Show House. Amazing selection of wallpaper! This was a no brainer. I’ve been drawn to plaid for a while now and I knew I wanted something warm. This milk chocolatey Winslow Plaid will be perfect.


Ah, my main source for art. Thrilled that Minted now offers customization. So, if you find something on their site and you need the color changed or you want it cropped, etc, Minted is perfect! Here’s the thing, guys. I actually created a cloud gallery wall when working on my bathroom for last year’s spring ORC. It didn’t pan out, as I decided to hang a large vintage tapestry instead, and I was reminded how drawn I am to cloud paintings when I came across one at High Point Market last week! Here are two I’m including from Minted that I’ll be mixing with vintage prints (and customizing the color with browns and olives to better match the space!):


Shades Of Light

I’ve partnered with Shades of Light in the past for my kitchen pendants and my primary bathroom, but what you may not know is, they sell furniture and accessories! Our office isn’t a huge space, and since I’m packing in a fab cabinet and sofa, I opted for two mini tables to use as a coffee table. Loved the mix of these modern concrete cubes:


And I couldn’t resist the shape of this side table:



I played around with many different rug options, and THIS traditional neutral turned out to be the best way to go.

Frog Tape®

I never do a project without Frog Tape®! Painters’ tape that actually works! I haven’t decided on the color of the lower portions of the walls yet, so you’ll be with me on that journey. Thinking I’ll pull a warm, dark brown of sorts from the wallpaper. Stay tuned.

There you have it, friends! Follow along here and on Instagram where I’ll share the progress weekly!

Shop the room…



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    It all goes so nicely together. I am so drawn to the light fixture!

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