Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Week Three

Week three of the One Room Challenge! This included trying to narrow down a paint color, and lots of fun deliveries!

Thibaut Wallpaper arrived, just in time for me to grab some paint samples and see what works best. I want to pull a darker brown from the paper.

Tips for choosing paint:

  1. Look at samples in natural light, and in the room it’ll be going in. Light changes based on location, which means so does color!
  2. If you’re wondering if the color you’re looking at will lean too purple or too red, etc, look at all the colors on the same swatch. If you see a purple on the swatch, then a color on the other side of it has some purple in it. (There’s a swatch in the photo above that’s clearly too purple)
  3. To analyze your paint colors, tape them up on the plane that they’re going on. So if you’re painting a wall, tape the samples up on the wall. If you’re painting the ceiling, tape it to the ceiling. Again, colors will look different based on their location!
  4. If possible, try to look at paint swatches against something that’s pure white. Really helps to see which way a color leans!

Hoping to narrow all this down and start painting in the next week!

The Rosemary Floral rug in ivory/natural from Loloi arrived! I love pairing plaid with floral (just look at my Detroit Show House bedroom or the plans for our powder bathroom), so finding a traditional rug with a bit of floral weaved in seemed just right for this space. I love the balance of masculine and feminine.

I like that it isn’t an obvious match with the wallpaper. There’s a hint of grey in the paper, and some grey in the rug as well. There’s no brown in the rug, but the gold/tan tones are really warm and compliment the wallpaper nicely.

Lighting from Anthropologie has arrived! This was so fun to open! Again, I wanted something slightly feminine since the overall vibe of the room leans a bit on the masculine side. Love the shape of the Lora pendant!


And I wasted no time trying out the Grecian Bust table lamp in our foyer.

I’ve wanted that lamp for so long. So excited to find its home in the office when it’s time for styling. And speaking of styling, some pretty office accessories from Anthropologie arrived, and they’ll be the perfect pretty touches to the space!


The real kicker was the assortment of coffee table books that came! I’m not kidding when I say all I ever want as a gift are coffee table books. Lol! Anthropologie has an amazing selection of really good ones- from interior design to entertaining to cooking to travel. There’s something for everyone- and hint hint…. Mother’s Day is coming up! 🙂 Here’s what I picked out to help style the office. Links to all the books are below!

Shop the books…

Shop the room…

Ok, come back next week to hopefully see some actual progress on the space! And as always, thank you to the following sponsors:


Lulu & Georgia


Shades of Light

LoLoi Rugs




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  1. Kylie says:

    Wow, I’m loving all your choices! This room is going to be beautiful! 😍

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