Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Week Six

Hi, everyone! Yes, I skipped a week five One Room Challenge update! I was ill for a bit last week which left no energy for progress, and then to top it off, sadly my eight year old broke his wrist on the school playground! Ugh. Nothing worse than getting that phone call from school! He’s in good spirits, thank goodness, and this week’s progress is HUGE!

I finally got the room painted! I used Benjamin Moore’s Brownstown, and Frog Tape® made it easy!

The yellow tape is for sensitive surfaces, so I used it on the floors when taping off the baseboards. Nice thing was, I could be messy everywhere else since the wallpaper was going on the upper part of the walls, and I have fun plans for the ceiling. I did, however, need to also use tape around the windows!

Still deciding if I want to paint the panes black. I mean, the answer is yes. Lol. The real question is do I literally want to. As in, right now, or down the road. We’ll see!

Next up! WALLPAPER was installed! Oh my goodness, this is making all of my wildest plaid dreams come true. It screams library, which just makes me so happy. This is the Winslow plaid from Thibaut Designs in chestnut. Took the space to a whole new level.

Speaking of next level, the art from Minted arrived! Friends, check out this stunning piece!

I love that Minted offers sizes this big! But the thing I love MOST is their new customization tool! You guys, this piece of art by Mya Bessette on their site has a deep purple-ish sky with brighter green grass.

I’ve always been drawn to it, but those colors wouldn’t work in the space. Enter customizing, and they give the option to email an art specialist to adjust the print so it’s exactly what I wanted. I sent the mood board and a link to the sofa so they could see closer shots of what I was trying to match. I told them I wanted all of the purple removed and to make the sky shades of brown to match my walls and the grass more of an olive to match the green in the sofa. It was such an easy experience, and I was so happy with it when it arrived!

One last (and amazing) bit of progress this week: the Fern cabinet from Anthropologie arrived!!! Oh my goodness, this piece is everything I’d hoped it’d be in person! It is SO heavy and substantial! The marble top inside is such a nice touch and I love the small brass hardware and fun legs! So thrilled this came in time!

Ok, that’s it for this week! Next up is figuring out how I’m going to secure books to the ceiling! Lol! Wish me luck! Also, do I have enough books? Time to gather them and figure it all out! Getting close to the finish line, guys!

Thank you to the following sponsors…

  1. Minted
  2. Frog Tape®
  3. Anthropologie
  4. Thibaut
  5. Benjamin Moore
  6. Loloi Rugs
  7. Lulu & Georgia
  8. Shades of Light



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  1. Jennifer Ezell says:

    Okrrrrr girl. You had me for a minute with those books and that ceiling but honey you did it. This is amazing. So moody. I love that the lamp looks like flipping pages of a book. So many special touches and details. Very inspiring Haneen!!

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