Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Week Four

Week four of the One Room Challenge! Gonna be honest, this was a slow week and there isn’t too much to report on the progress front, BUT I do want to show you the desk chair that arrived, fill you in on a change I’m making to the original mood board and share the official paint color! Hang tight, friends. The wallpaper installer can’t come til May 9th, and the painter’s out of town for the next two weeks!

First up, excuse the wrinkly wallpaper sample, but the color going on the bottom portion of the walls is Benjamin Moore Brownstone. It was just warm enough and just dark enough.

Next up, the desk chair arrived from Lulu & Georgia! I love the way the back really hugs you while you sit. Excited for this work-from-home sitch!

Find chair HERE

Lastly, quick change of plans! The concrete cubes arrived, and while they’re awesome, once they arrived they felt more like outdoor furniture to me, so I’m on the hunt for a new one and leaning towards this one from Shades of Light instead!

Find this table HERE

It’s a whopping 54″ long, but I think it’ll work in the space because it’s only 17 inches deep so it won’t come out far from the sofa. And on top of that, the new desk isn’t as deep as the one we have now, so it’ll be closer to the window and we’ll have more room in the center. Thumbs up! Love the cool, modern shape! And the black finish will balance out the black in the ceiling. Hoping to make this decision asap. Delivery estimates at this point are cutting it close!

Thanks for visiting and patiently waiting for the actual makeover to start. Lol! Come back next week! I may just paint on my own so I don’t have to wait.



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