Spring 2022 High Point Market Recap Two

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for your kind feedback on our office reveal! It’s been such a hectic week! With the craziness of completing the office, and Better Homes & Gardens coming to shoot our primary bathroom this week, I’ve lost track of High Point Market recaps! I went in April and shared this post. Excited to share more with you today!

Here’s a full list of the showrooms we toured:

Crypton Home Fabric, www.crypton.com  

Cisco Home, ciscohome.net

Theodore Alexander, www.theodorealexander.com

Fairfield Chair, www.fairfieldchair.com

Wesley Hall, www.wesleyhall.com

Eichholtz, www.eichholtzusa.com

Hooker Furniture, www.hookerfurniture.com

Hubbardton Forge, www.hubbardtonforge.com  

InterHall, www.imchighpointmarket.com/interhall

Jaipur Living, www.jaipurliving.com

Kalco Lighting, www.kalco.com

Stickley, www.stickley.com 

Universal Furniture,  www.universalfurniture.com

I’m sharing four of them with you today!

Fairfield Chair…

Loved the colorful pieces at Fairfield Chair! It was great to hear from Libby Langdon herself about the pieces she designed!


High end gorgeousness from Eichholtz!


Stickley is rooted in history and amazing craftsmanship. Loved the stories behind the pieces!

Amazing details!

Bungalow 5…

Bungalow 5 was filled with gorgeous textures- from burl wood to grasscloth to fur, with lovely pops of color throughout their show room!


This place was such a VIBE! Loved it in here! Cisco is filled with a good mix of modern and vintage pieces.

It was a pleasure touring these spaces with some fellow bloggers/designers:

Hope you’ve enjoyed my recaps! There’s one more left! Stay tuned!



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