Spring 2022 High Point Market Recap One

Hi, everyone! Right after our family spring vacation, I headed to High Point Market in North Carolina for the Design Bloggers Tour! Wanted to bring you a recap of some amazing showrooms we visited! We checked out over ten on the tour, which was a lot to take in, so I’ll be splitting it up into a few posts. Here’s the full list:

Crypton Home Fabric, www.crypton.com  

Cisco Home, ciscohome.net

Theodore Alexander, www.theodorealexander.com

Fairfield Chair, www.fairfieldchair.com

Wesley Hall, www.wesleyhall.com

Eichholtz, www.eichholtzusa.com

Hooker Furniture, www.hookerfurniture.com

Hubbardton Forge, www.hubbardtonforge.com  

InterHall, www.imchighpointmarket.com/interhall

Jaipur Living, www.jaipurliving.com

Kalco Lighting, www.kalco.com

Stickley, www.stickley.com 

Universal Furniture,  www.universalfurniture.com

I loved this wonderful group of fellow designers/bloggers! They’re all listed below:

Theodore Alexander

First stop was Theodore Alexander, a high end luxury brand of furniture. High quality is the name of the game in this showroom! It was such a treat to tour the Althorp Living History collection with Lord Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother! The pieces in this collection were inspired by their own home. All of the pieces were ornate and special.

I’m loving all things plaid these days and I snapped a shot of all the plaid I was seeing!

Crypton Fabrics

Crypton was a part of several showrooms that we visited. I’ve had a wish list for a sectional with Crypton Fabric for years. It’s the only fabric to choose, guys. Especially for someone like me, with four kids and a dog. This fabric is essentially indistructable and stain resistant. It’s incredible. Please excuse this screenshot I took of a video I have from their presentation! Look how the liquid just bubbles up!


Next up was Hooker Furniture. Here we saw that the arch trend is still going strong. I have my office on the brain, so I definitely took note of their desks and storage. Lots of exposed wood grain, leather and plaids.

Still seeing lots of curves!

Hubbardton Forge

This showroom was a treat for lighting lovers! Hubbardton Forge is a Vermont base lighting company. Lots of modern, industrial pieces with forged steel and glass. Great mix of materials and innovative designs! And since it’s based here in the US, the lead time is quicker! Who doesn’t love that?

Loved the leather detail!

Jaipur Living

Jaipur Living is a rug company with over 40,000 artisans in India, committed to quality craftsmanship and the art of rug making. We toured Kate Lestner’s new line with Kate herself. She’s a California based designer who combined a vintage and modern aesthetic to create a truly on-trend collection that appeals to the masses.

Extra ones I was drawn to…

Find this one HERE

I’m going to stop here for now to spread out the eye candy. There was so much to see! Be sure to come back for recap two and three- courtesy of High Point Market and Esteem Media.



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