Santa's Cookies and Milk Brunch


What screams “Christmas” more than cookies and milk left for Santa? When Bed Bath & Beyond asked me to create a holiday tablescape, it was so fun browsing the store for ideas! Such an endless amount of possibilities! And because I went the formal route with my dining room tablescape, I thought it’d be fun to change things up in my kitchen. There are two things that sealed the deal when it came to what I wanted to do for this table…




For starters, Bed Bath & Beyond has an insane amount of glassware to choose from. Not only did they have awesome mason jar mugs with a spot to personalize with chalk (which I served hot chocolate in), but those milk bottles! Look at those milk bottles! They came in a boxed set of 4 with the straws included! How cute are they? Set inside this rustic tray (that I filled with pillow stuffing for a snow effect), it really sets the mood for something fun… baking cookies!


Which brings me to item number two that almost had me do a cartwheel in the store. I think I literally squealed when I found these mini whisks. I have no idea why some exist in this size, but all I knew was they would make the CUTEST ornaments on a tree for a cookies and milk themed brunch. I added them to these trees (the trees have LED lights and adjustable branches and I found them near the candles), along with fun cookie cutters and jumbo sized marshmallows, and had myself a pretty darn sweet centerpiece. 









Can’t forget the jolly, big man himself! They had these adorable Santa silverware holders. With the silverware placed on top of the place setting, instead of on either side of the plate, it reads more casual. This definitely isn’t a stuffy brunch! It’s kid friendly and fun, and I was so happy to have my kids ordering valium online legal help me with this. How you ask? Did you know Bed Bath & Beyond has gingerbread house kits? My kids were so excited when I surprised them with these after school! I had every intention of adding these to the table, because the houses themselves are such easy, festive decor, but I didn’t end up having any room! Lol! I think they did a pretty good job, don’t you think? 






I love when I’m done photographing and then realize while editing that I forgot to remove a pricetag. Actually, just kidding I don’t love that at all. Lol. I spy one left on a whisk up there! Maybe I shouldn’t bring it to your attention. Perhaps you won’t notice? Oy. Also, midway through this photo shoot, I decided to add this chevron wrapping paper as a table runner (also from Bed Bath & Beyond). An artist’s work is never done, right? My brain works in mysterious ways. So pardon the fact that some photos have it and some don’t! I love my kitchen table so much and I think it makes a perfect backdrop on its own, but to me, the added layer of the runner on the table makes this look more complete.






Whether for the holidays or after, Bed Bath & Beyond has everything you need to set a pretty tablescape. I hope this inspires you to host a litlte brunch of your own! Before we know it, Santa will be down the chimney and waiting for his milk and cookies! Time to get baking… and shopping! Links below to anything I used that’s availabe online…




LED Tree

Metal and Wood Tray

Glass Milk Bottles

Glass Mugs

Star Cookie Cutter

Heart Cookie Cutter


Cloth napkins

White plates

{Placemats, gift wrap, and Santa silverware holders are available in store}


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond and I was compensated. All opinions and words are 100% my own.





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