Rug Pad Review

As soon as my husband walks in the door, my younger kiddos beg to be chased around the house. It’s the cutest thing ever, even though I (lovingly) tend to give my husband a look that says, “Why does it always get so LOUD when you come home?” It’s squeals galore, and when they’ve finally settled, our foyer rug is always out of place. It doesn’t stay put! I’ve tried putting those rug slip strips along the edges, but they didn’t quite hold. So when Rug Pad Corner reached out and asked to send me rug pads to review, I was thrilled! I ordered one for both my foyer rug and the rug under my kitchen table. (That’s the most slippery one in the house, and there have been a few falls with hurt knees! I’m kicking myself for not getting these sooner.)



It arrived so nicely packaged, and rolled out beautifully. I’ve gotta say, not only is the rug staying perfectly put, but it feels so nice under foot! Just enough cushion to make you happy to walk across it. And the best part is, they’re eco friendly! They’re made from natural recycled felt or natural untreated rubber, and they never use any chemicals, glues or adhesive. They’re customer service was awesome, and I love that they asked for the exact measurements of my rugs so they could actually custom cut the rug pad to fit just so. You may think you have a 5×8 rug, but they’re never exactly that, so I appreciated the attention to detail.




The great thing about putting one under my kitchen rug (not pictured because I couldn’t get my shit together and clean my kitchen for a pic- seriously, I’ve procrastinated this post because my kitchen has been a mess for days. I’ve finally given up) is the fact that the pad is so dense that it stops dust, crumbs and other particles from seeping through the natural fiber rug in there- preserving my hardwood floors. If you’re in the market for rug pads, please visit the links below to check out your options from this reputable company!


Rug Pad Corner

Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

Ultra Premium




This post is sponsored by Rug Pad Corner. As with any sponsored post, if I don’t like it, I don’t promote it:) 


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