Rearranged Living Room- Five Tips for Furniture Placement!

Hi, guys! Sharing a little living room rearranging today! You might ask yourself, didn’t you just do this room? Where did your cabinets go? The answer is, yes! I just made over my living room for the spring One Room Challenge! Here’s an image from that “after.”

The whole reason I had to do some rearranging is because I moved the glass cabinets to the bedroom I designed in the Show House I’m working on. Have no fear, they will be returned! But in the mean time, I had an empty wall and some rearranging to do. Lol!

Tip 1…

Find a focal point. In some cases, that comes naturally, with a fireplace or a large beautiful window (or for some people, the tv). Pick what you want to focus on and place the furniture accordingly. In my space, the cabinets were the focal point, so I placed furniture across from each other, highlighting the glass cabinets when you walk in the space. But with them gone, I obviously didn’t want a blank wall to be a focal point. So, I actually borrowed a bookcase from my family room, placed it under the arches, and made that custom wall the focal point instead.

Tip 2…

Don’t use a matching set! Gone are the days where you buy one sofa, one loveseat, and one chair all in the same fabric. That’s a total snooze fest, if you ask me. Mix things up. Consider using a pair of chairs with a sofa instead of a love seat. And add visual interest by using different fabrics! If your sofa is chenille, consider using a leather or velvet on the other pieces!

Tip 3…

Think outside the box. Look around the house and see if there’s something you can use that isn’t intended for what you’re actually needing. Take this vintage trunk, for example. Turned on its side, it makes for a cool side table…

Those rocks are from my childhood yard:)

Tip 4…

Consider the flow when you enter a space. Have a large wall? Typically, that works best for the sofa, and you can place chairs across from it. It’s easier to see over and between low profile chairs than it is for a sofa. You don’t want to be looking at the back of a sofa when you enter a room. In some cases, you don’t have a choice, and when that happens, a sofa table behind it, with decorative items on top, really helps.

Night shot!

Tip 5…

There are no rules! If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that your home is YOURS, and unless you live in the room and see how it flows and what works for you, no one can tell you exactly how to place your furniture.

This room gets such great sunshine!

Shop the room…

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