Painting Our Kitchen Sliding Door

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Lol! It’s March, and I recently realized I haven’t posted on my blog since mid-December. Yikes! I’m over on Instagram pretty regularly, but as far as my blog, somehow the first few months of the new year got away from me. I’m chalking it up to having a senior in high school! Just over here trying to soak in all of the “lasts.”

With that said, I did finish a project recently that I thought I’d share! I painted our sliding door in our kitchen. Yup, you can do that! Best tool to make it easy? FrogTape®! It really was an easy, two day project. I love a black window, and I’ve been slowly painting them throughout our house.


Notice that the window over the sink is black, but not the sliding door. Lol We had the window painted black when we renovated our kitchen almost six years ago, and never got around to painting the sliding door until now. Lol! Oops! Soooo… this is how bad it had gotten:

That’s four kids and a dog, folks. It was time! The first thing I did was remove the window grids:

Then, after spraying down the windows, I started taping everything off. Frogtape® has a yellow line of tape that’s great for sensitive surfaces. I used that on the floor!

I just used leftover SW Tricorn Black paint we had laying around. After painting it all, the fun part is peeling away the tape and seeing clean lines!


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Cheers to checking this off the list!


*This post is sponsored by FrogTape®. All opinions are my own.

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