Painting Our Family Room Windows

Friends! I started this year off with what I thought was a small project, but you all went nuts over this while I shared the process on Instagram stories! I couldn’t believe how excited you were over how it was elevating the space and really taking it to the next level. That was until it was finished, and then I could definitely believe it. It is *chef’s kiss.* SO GOOD! Ok, so here’s where we started…


The walls were Functional Gray by Sherwin Williams with white trim. This is a perfectly fine neutral wall color, but our home is leaning much warmer these days, and after having this wallpaper (that has tan tones) installed on the staircase heading up from the family room, the grey next to it was driving me nuts.

I wanted a subtle change in tone and warmth. I also didn’t love the white trim- it’s classic, but I just felt like there was a lot going on with the black slat accent wall, and then grey and white next to it. I wanted to paint the walls and trim the same color, and then paint the windows black to tie in the accent wall and fireplace.

I had a hard time finding the perfect warm neutral, and finally decided to take a wood sample of the arch bookcases to the paint store to have it matched. So, I can’t share the color since it doesn’t exist, but here’s the exact mix:

Friends, I never do a paint project without Frogtape®. I’ve partnered with them for years because it’s a go-to brand that works for me every time to provide clean lines. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about being neat near the trim since I was painting that color the same as the walls, but I used the tape to block the ceiling and the floor, and around the fireplace.

I used the yellow Frogtape® on the floor because that’s meant for sensitive surfaces!

Once that was done, I could get to painting the windows! Honestly, this is not as hard as it looks! Jabbing the paintbrush into the dental moulding was way harder than dealing with the windows! This part was therapeutic and fun because the end result is that good.


  1. Remove the grids
  2. Clean the windows
  3. Lightly sand
  4. Tape off the area you’re painting
  5. Paint and remove tape!

Let’s elaborate on those steps. Everyone was asking what kind of paint I was using. I always suggest using a paint that has primer mixed in. But truthfully, I just used leftover paint I had from the fireplace- SW Tricorn Black interior paint in semi-gloss. The windows took three full coats. The grids I would say took two. I made an assembly line down our kitchen island and that helped a bit. I would lay a few down at a time, give one coat down the row, and by the time I was done with the final one, I could go back to the first and give another coat. Then I flipped them all over and did the same to the backs.

(Sorry this is fuzzy- had to take a screenshot of a video!)

These windows face the back of the house, and we back to woods, so it doesn’t bother me that grids on some of our windows are black and some grids are white. Although I’ve also done this in our kitchen and our bedroom and office too, so slowly but surely they’ll be the same eventually anyway!


I have always struggled with this room. I think the corner fireplace has thrown me for a loop and it just never felt “right” to me. Believe me when I say just PAINT can bring a whole room together. Painting the trim and baseboard the same color as the wall really calmed things down for me visually and also makes the room feel taller. And painting the windows black makes it look sleeker and more high end, in my opinion. I think every room needs a touch of black! Super thrilled with how this turned out!

Is this something you want to try? Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Reina Mina says:

    Love your style and your confidence to try new things!

  2. Devon says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and love your style! How are the grids applied to the window? Did they come with removable ones, did you have them made, what are they etc? Or is there a post I can look at? Thank you!!

  3. Melanie says:

    What material are your windows? Wood, vinyl, metal?

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