Our Foyer Decorated For Christmas

Hi, friends! I’ve got a blog post coming tomorrow with a bigger holiday house tour, but I thought today I’d start with our entry. Over on Instagram, I posted a shot of the garland I hung on our staircase, and I received lots of questions so I figured I’d show you a closer look:)

I went with a chic, all black look! All of the ornaments on the garland are from Hobby Lobby. I love that they had matte ones! Some people have asked if I’ll be adding more – even if just a touch of gold, and the answer is no:) The name of the game this year is simple. Because… 2020. Lol. Or in Dwight’s famous words… “Keep it simple, stupid.”

So, I found the garland from Kirklands, and I love the branches on it! I used two on this staircase, and I’m thinking after Christmas, I’ll buy two more and take it all the way up the stairs next year. The key to making your garland look full and real, I’ve found, is to add in other kinds of branches. I had picks around the house from various craft stores, and I just kind of tucked them into the garland here and there. Super happy with the results!

Let’s talk about this pretty white tree! I wanted a winter wonderland of sorts. These icicle ornaments are so simple and beautiful! The way the lights twinkle on them is just magical. Initially, I tried setting the tree in multiple containers/pots and filled it with white pillow filler and white bulbs for a snowy look, but eventually I decided that it didn’t look quite right. I ended up setting the tree directly on the table and just sprinkling faux snow around the base to hide the bulk of the cord.

There’s a big ‘ol peek at the family room tree that I’ll be sharing tomorrow! Be sure to come back then to see:) As for wrapping up today’s post, here’s Gibson photobombing, and a look at the foyer at night…

Also, did you notice the new carpet? It’s from Home Depot and we love it! More on that soon!

Shop the post…

I hope this inspires you to set up a little magical corner in your own home! Please share it with me if you do! Here’s to a beautiful holiday season! Be sure to visit tomorrow to see our dining room, living room, and the start of our family room.



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