One Room Challenge Spring 2022: OFFICE REVEAL!

It’s here! Our office looks and feels entirely different, and it’s finally time to share it with you! To get caught up on the background of this makeover and everything we’ve done to get here, get caught up below:

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As always, I’ll share lots of Before & After photos and then talk you through everything at the end. Here we go!











This room was so much labor! I typically hire out everything I can, but there was issues with availability. So the only thing someone else did was hang the wallpaper! Otherwise, I painted the room and the windows and hung the book installation on the ceiling, and my husband hung the new pendant. I’m pooped, but holy smokes was it worth it! This room has such a VIBE! Old library, masculine cocktail lounge, etherial conversation space and motivating work space! Let’s get to all the details…

The art…

A huge part of what created the mood for this space, is the gallery wall of clouds! I just can’t get over it. It’s immediately relaxing and I love that it really fills the wall. I started with Minted! My favorite go-to site for art that’s always freshly sourced from independent artists! The largest print (a whopping 40×54 inch canvas wrapped in a walnut frame) is from artist Mya Bessette. In the original piece on the website, the sky is a deep purple and the grass is a bit brighter, but Minted has a customization tool that allows you to request changes to an art specialist for adjustments. The colors now work so perfectly in here!

The other print that’s from Minted is the top left print- titled Earthly Days, by Brian Sostrom. In the original piece on the site, it was beautiful shades of blue, and I wanted to change it to more of a sepia tone. Turned out perfectly! You can crop, rotate, or change the color of a print! Doesn’t get much easier than that to find what you’re looking for. All Minted Fine Art is available with countless frame options; including high quality wood and metal frames, museum-grade matting, and framed art on canvas. Minted makes it easy to update your art with free shipping! And great news! They gave me an exclusive offer to waive the $75 custom fee on Custom Fine Art for my readers/followers! Use code HANEENCFA75.

The walls…

I went for the Winslow Plaid in the chestnut color way from Thibaut. Wanted it to almost feel like menswear. It’s the perfect backdrop to everything in this space!

Paint is Brownstone from Benjamin Moore! My painter was too booked for this, guys. I know painting is no big deal for some people, but I’m way too impatient to do a nice job. Lol. I will say though, that using Frog Tape® definitely helped! I used it all along the baseboards on the floor, and on the windows! Look what a huge difference painting the windows made! The white was just “ok” and looked unfinished to me. Painting them the same as the walls really fit the mood and adds to the moody, library feel!

The ceiling…

Let’s all take a collective sigh of relief out of sheer exhaustion and all books staying put. Lol! This ceiling was work! But sooo worth it! I’ve had this idea for so long and finally found a use for it. Nothing like books on the ceiling of your home office/study. So fitting and so unique. It adds so much character to the space and the texture alone of the books overlapping just makes me so happy. It feels cozy. See how I did it in this post.

The furnishings…

The new coffee table arrived shortly after the reveal of this space. I added photos of it as soon as I could, but you’ll still see some images of our living room coffee table dragged in here. The new one this table from Shades of Light and I think a circular piece is just right for this smaller room. I love the scale and finish of it! The texture is beautiful!

You guys. You guyssss. This SOFA! It’s everything I’d hoped it would be! It’s the Giroud sofa from Lulu & Georgia and it’s just such an adult piece. It’s so beautiful. The tufted back and gorgeous lines of the wood arms… it just feels so right in here. You know I love green. This olive is my favorite these days. Adds just the touch of color that this space needed. Looks beautiful with the art! And it’s comfy!

Two more Lulu & Georgia pieces are this amazing new office desk and desk chair! The desk has a beautiful matte black finish and I love the leather detail on the handles! Again, just another bit of texture!

This chair is sleek, modern, and comfortable. Love the curved lines- makes you feel like you’re being hugged. I see lots of late night blogging in the future on this chair!

Let’s work our way over to the other side of the room. I’ve coveted the Fern cabinet from Anthropologie forever! What an incredible piece! Our old cabinet was so huge – way too cumbersome for the space. The small tv we had in there looked ridiculous and it just collected junk around it- whether it was dust or Zane’s toys. This is just the right size for the tv and I love that it’s just way more stylish! The arch is of course amazing- but to have a shelf for styling, gorgeous brass hardware, and a marble top for the tv to sit on really takes the piece to a whole new level. It comes with a second shelf- so plenty of space for storage or styling!

The end table! I chose this piece for a few reasons. I liked the 24″ height of it next to the arm of the sofa. But I also love that it kind of mimics the ceiling light, both in color and shape!


Speaking of the pendant, let’s talk lighting! Both the bust lamp and ceiling pendant are from Anthropologie! Both having similar shades, and I love that they speak to each other – both ivory and both a variation of pleats.

People have asked how I was going to figure out the books around the light fixture. Using the medallion was an easy solution!


I stole the drapes from my kitchen, had them professionally hemmed and asked that they cut from the top because I wanted to get rid of the grommets. The brown velvet just adds to the milk chocolatey feel of this room! There’s a richness they bring. I hung them with curtain rings.

Speaking of richness, this rug from Loloi adds just that! It’s the 8×10 Rosemarie rug in ivory/natural from the Chris Loves Julia collection. With the room being so dark, I wanted a rug that brightens things up a bit. I love that this one has a bit of gold weaved in. It really adds a warmth to the room. I also LOVE to mix graphic patterns with floral patterns, so the plaid wallpaper excites me with a rug that leans floral.

Gotta draw your attention to the cute pillows on the sofa! The black floral pillow is a nod to the ceiling, desk, and cabinet. I always love touches of black in a room. The round grey boucle pillow is from Lulu & Georgia! Fun shape alert!


Kept things pretty minimal in here, but there’s a few things I’d love to point out. If you want your office to feel special, find special office supplies! Look at these gorgeous scissors and stapler! SO pretty! They’re from Anthropologie– go browse their stationary/office decor- it does NOT disappoint! I found these matte black pencils and my favorite thing was sharpening them and putting them in this fabulous leather pencil cup🙂 Why does this make me so happy?

I also had way too much fun shopping their assortment of stylish coffee table books! I love styling a coffee table. For the office, I went with a vase of greenery, some books, a bust candle on a marble tray, and a cloche, that I added a vintage doll house chair to. Get creative! I like adding the unexpected.

Please note that cute little acrylic cube I found with a floating cloud inside! Find the marble tray HERE.

And speaking of accessories, peep these new flats of Anthropologie! They are SO CUTE! Couldn’t resist!

One last piece from Anthropologie is the top I’m wearing!

Lights on…

Shop this room…

Shop coffee table books…

Thank you to the following sponsors…


Lulu & Georgia


Loloi Rugs


Benjamin Moore

Frog Tape

Cheers, friends! Let me know what you think!


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  1. Donna Cordova says:

    Freaking gorgeous! The entire room… ceiling…lights… lamps… ceiling of books… wallpaper…couch…cabinet… it is all F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!!!

  2. Heather says:

    You are so talented! I have been waiting for this reveal and it is so beautiful! I love how you mix color, patterns, and textures. Each of your rooms speak to me….this one might be my new favorite. I love the plaid. You are such an inspiration. Beautiful, beautiful space.

  3. Rema Toghoj says:

    This is so gorgeous Haneen,, every single detail is just stunning!

  4. Saira says:

    Wow! I love everything that is happening here! It’s been a treat to watch it all come together!! And that ceiling…**insert all the hearts**

  5. Kate says:

    This is so beautiful. I admire your ability to think outside the box. Love this room!

  6. Kellie Hollister says:

    This!!! The post itself was like walking through every inch of the room and you telling the story behind each of every detail. Truly mesmerizing and such an incredible space. I can’t love it enough.

  7. Paige says:

    I appreciated your sharing in detail the items you used in the room-a very thorough article. I could not find, though, a link for the wooden rectangular table with straps. Can you share the link for it?

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