One Room Challenge Main Bathroom: Week Seven

We’re gettin SO close to the end! One week left of the One Room Challenge, and I can’t wait for you to see how far this room has come! You can get caught up here…


So, let’s try and share progress without giving too much away, shall we? First of all, the vanities are IN!

These beauties are from Build With Ferguson and I could not be happier with the selection. So glad I went with two side by side single vanities! The marble countertop is elegant and sophisticated. Looks great with the black color of the vanities! I swapped out the hardware for gorgeous brass knobs from Emtek! And because I like to keep things interesting, I opted for something different on the cabinet doors and went with this little pull.

Guys, every little decision I make it based off of my love of story telling, and I thought those pulls looked like the sweetest little door knockers from a pretty door in a storybook. I’m a little weird, but I’ve embraced my weirdness:) And speaking of storytelling, check out the wallpaper installed in the water closet!

Love it next to the tile! (Gifted from The Tile Shop)

The cursive lettering looks like it’s right out of a journal entry or love letter. Just more storytelling, and I love it.

This light! Goodness, so cool! It’s from Shades of Light, and I love the detail of the black stripe along the glass.

So, the tapestry arrived from Ebay store Save On Tapestries, and it’s AWESOME! (Find similar ones HERE). I decided to cut the border off, mostly because I wanted the molding that was being installed to have room to go as high as possible. Here it is before I cut it…

And here it is after…

That was nerve wracking, but worth it! I like it better without a border, and more importantly, I wanted the beautiful woodwork to have space to shine! …

The light hangs lower- they just boosted it up with a zip tie to keep it out of the way while they did this:)

I’m dying over this! The arches were made out of two corbels from Novo Building Products, flipped to face each other, and my carpenter built the rest in his shop! He extended a piece in the middle so that it made a complete arch (without doing that, it came to a point). Initially, the bottom portion was going to be made out of these newel posts I found on Ebay from Ebay store StairNation.

The problem was, my carpenter had no way of slicing these in half. They’re huge and heavy. I bought them with the thought that after slicing them vertically, they’d sit flush against the wall, but he said that that wasn’t something his saw could do. He also pointed out that I purchased oak newels, and that they wouldn’t take paint very well. Clearly, I didn’t think this through. Lol! But that’s ok, because he offered to make this all in his shop as well, and he ROCKED IT OUT. It looks so cool! Just needs a coat of paint:)

I found this bamboo tub tray from Ebay store Babrollekay. You can find similar ones HERE. Can’t wait to set this bad boy up with a glass of wine and a good book!

Have I ever been a bath person before? Nope. But that’s because I’ve never had a beautiful bathroom I wanted to spend time in. Can’t believe I finally do! Well, almost;) Getting there!

One last sneak peek… the salvaged double door is up and the Emtek hardware I found from Ebay store Cabinet Hardware Expo is installed!

We only had black screws on hand, but I’ll be switching those to brass. Regardless though, totally divine, right?? I can’t stop staring! Now I’m just in the process of picking a paint color for the door. Stay tuned for that!

BIG REVEAL IS NEXT WEEK! I’m keeping the rest a secret until then. Lots left to do. Gonna be honest… the tub faucet and shower faucet still aren’t here as I type. I’m not sure if this room will be officially finished in time unless those things show up. Lots still left to do. The pocket door should arrive tomorrow. It needs to be installed and painted and trimmed out! Art and tapestry needs to be hung! Room needs to be painted. Closet door needs to be painted. And of course- tub needs to be put in place and the tub faucet and shower faucet need to be installed. Then there’s styling and photography. Wish me luck, folks! In the meantime, visit the rest of the featured designers below to see how far they’ve come!

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Shop the room…

Thank you to the following sponsors:

  1. Build With Ferguson
  2. The Tile Shop
  3. Calico Corners
  4. Ebay
  5. Varaluz
  6. Hudson Valley Lighting
  7. Shades of Light
  8. Arhaus
  9. Axor
  10. Novo Building Products
  11. Emtek
  12. Buster & Punch
  13. Frog Tape®



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  1. roe squire says:

    I fall more in love with your amazing space each week. Can’t wait for the final reveal.

  2. Lee says:

    LOVE that wallpaper, and whompin’ crazy for the doorknobs…!!!

  3. Ronda Clayton says:

    As I was reading this article, I thought to myself how I had never heard of such a thing as any type of wood-especially oak, that wouldn’t “take paint well” unless it was corrupted by some other material or medium before painting.

  4. Brent says:

    Those corbels are absolutely genius! I’ll definitely share that one with my readers in an idea post. I’ll be sure to link your post. Wonderful project!

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