One Room Challenge Main Bathroom Reveal!

It’s DONE! Eight weeks (or 12 years) in the making, our primary bathroom has been renovated and I’m so excited to finally share it with you! It’s been quite a ride. Being a featured designer of the One Room Challenge has been on my career bucket list for years, and I’m so honored to have done this and end with an amazing bathroom to show for it! I’m crazy proud of this, friends. Renovating is no joke! And doing it online for the world to see definitely adds to the pressure of it all. Oh, and let’s throw in four kids and a crazy dog and a senior graduating and items not arriving on time. How does the saying go? Blessed, not stressed? Ummm… I was definitely blessed and stressed. Lol. You can get caught up on the process, here:


So, here’s how this is gonna roll. I’m going to show a “before” image, followed by an “after” of the same view, and then we’ll discuss and I’ll share sources. Sound good? Are you sitting down for this?













Can. We. Take. A. MOMENT? Is this real life? And where do I even begin? I guess let’s start with reworking the layout of this bathroom. The huge corner tub ate up so much space. Ripping that out and putting both vanities on one wall freed up space to place a big, fabulous clawfoot tub along the back wall. It’s amazing. And as my contractor says, now we have a big dance floor in the middle:) So much space! Both the tub and the vanities are from Build With Ferguson, as is this new shower door!

One thing I wanted out of this bathroom, and any space I design, really, is a good mix of modern and traditional elements. And I love that the shower door is a whole vibe of modern and sleek in a room with a vintage-inspired clawfoot tub. It just works, and I love it.

Speaking of the shower, let’s talk about this tile from The Tile Shop! Bianco Puro, a classic 2×8 honed marble was the way to go for the walls, and I paired it with Hampton Hermosa, a marble mosaic that has just the touch of black, on the floors…

The real showstopper though, is the Saltus tile used in the shower niches!

I mean, when I found tile that looks like wallpaper, I knew it was the start of something special. And with all of the black and white happening in the room, I decided to warm things up with the Truewood Beige “wood” tile on the floors. It did just the trick! This room is both classic and modern, simultaneously, and the look of wood on the floors really keeps things cozy.

I love that we swapped the one large builder-grade mirror for two sleek black mirrors from Varaluz. Simple, but stunning.

Art is from Chaos and Wonder

Let’s talk lighting! It’s one of my favorite design choices to make in any room design I come up with! The jewelry of a room, if you will. Lighting is your chance to take a room from good to WONDERFUL, and this room is no exception! The wall sconces are from Hudson Valley Lighting, and I love the traditional pleated shade on them! The perfect combo of black and gold…

The pendant light over the tub is from Shades of Light, and truth be told, I’ve had my eye on it for years. So happy to finally have the perfect spot for it! Such a statement, right?

Next up is this super cool tuxedo light, also from Shades of Light, in the water closet!

I love the brass detail and the back stripe along the bottom. It’s such a cool shape and looks amazing with the wallpaper from Calico Corners! As I talked about in last week’s post, I chose this wallpaper because I loved the organic quality of the handwriting and how it looked like an old love letter.

Emtek Square Tubular Pocket Door Latch

The pocket door was custom made locally and I’m thrilled to incorporate a full length mirror in this way. I pulled a mossy green from the tapestry and art, and decided on the color Palm Leaf by Sherwin Williams. I love it. Makes my color loving heart happy. And the sleek brass Emtek hardware is from Ebay! You guys, SO MUCH of this space is from Ebay! I’ll get to all of it as I go through everything, but holy cow did I have fun shopping for this bathroom on that site! First and foremost, let’s make our way to the other door in this space, also painted Palm Leaf by Sherwin Williams. I also found this 19th century salvaged door on Ebay, guys! Just search “salvaged arch door” and you’ll find tons of similar ones.

This door leads to our closet, and we had it installed with barn door hardware so it can slide open. The stunning Bristol Crystal doorknobs are also Emtek from Ebay.

More Emtek in this space… I swapped the hardware on the vanities for these globe knobs and these hammered ring pulls. The quality of this hardware is just so good. Heavy, durable, and beautiful!

I spy a beautiful new Jaden rug from Arhaus! I was totally drawn to the warm, neutral, traditional design of it. It’s soft under foot, and the perfect rug to ground this whole pace.

Also from Arhaus is the Umbria vase. I love the scale and rusticity of it. Nothing pulls a room together like fresh branch clippings, and I knew this vase would be perfect for that!

Can we talk about what it’s sitting on? It’s another Ebay find, and it is glorious. Search “lucite pedestal” and you’ll find similar ones.

Check out the new window treatment! I’m SO HAPPY to streamline this window and have a custom shade from Calico Corners! Friends, they are so helpful and they do it all. Someone from Calico Corners came to our house to accurately measure the window, then they made it for us (so well done) and they came back to install! It’s perfect! And I’m thrilled because I wasn’t sure if it would stick out from the window since our window is pretty shallow, but it’s almost fully flush. Just great attention to detail. The fabric is the Fetu 811 Stingray. I wanted a classic check and the colors really speak to the rug. You can see how I painted the window panes black using Frog Tape® by clicking HERE.

Frog Tape® definitely came to my rescue for this project, as my painter bailed on me at the last minute and I ended up pulling all-nighters to paint it myself! I’m a messy painter, guys. Frog Tape® kept things clean and easy!

Peep that arch molding, friends! You guysssssss. I’m over the moon about how this idea in my head turned out. Using corbels from Novo Building Products, my contractor made this whole thing! He knocked it out of the park. I mean, it really takes the whole room to the next level. It’s unique and custom, classic and special. And it pairs so beautifully with the beams on the ceiling! Also from Novo Building Products (along with the baseboards and ceiling trim in the water closet). I didn’t mess around when it came to the height of this stuff, guys. The bigger the better!

Alright, let’s get to the epic faucets from Axor, shall we? Talk about high end.

Obsessed. The bridge faucet in brushed brass is utter perfection. Looks so good with the marble countertops, and honestly, I was totally drawn to the “hot” and “cold” labels on the levers! So classic!

Listen, I’ve never been a bath person, and this Axor Montreux tub faucet alone is about to change that.

Sadly, the Axor shower faucet didn’t arrive in time to get installed (literally getting installed tomorrow!), but here’s an image of it! I can’t WAIT to use it!

Ok, let’s discuss some finishing details from Ebay that totally make the space. Nothing excites me more than sourcing the small details that really tell a story and pull the room together with color. Let’s start with THE TAPESTRY. It looks like a scene right out of Beauty and the Beast and that thrills me. If you search “verdure tapestry” you’ll find similar ones. A tapestry is woven art, so it totally adds an element of texture to the space. And you all know I’m a sucker for good portrait paintings (see my powder room HERE). I couldn’t resist layering this print on the ledge above the arches. She just oozes confidence. I think she’s fabulous! And the muddy greens in her dress read so well with the pocket door and closet door color!

One tip I have for making spaces special is to think of how to use old things in unconventional ways. I bought this ashtray from Ebay and decided to use it for qtips!

I love everything on this vanity. The onyx trinket box came all the way from France, and that cute brass tub is so cute as a soap holder!

That super pretty soap is from Shop House of Brinson! Smells so good!

This David on a pedestal is just so cool. It’s huge! I went to college at the University of Toledo, and the art classes were attached to the Toledo Museum of Art. I love all of my spaces to have touches of museum-like qualities. Livable and comfortable, but with pieces that take me back to the hours of roaming that museum. I was married there:)

This leather stool was the perfect casual seat to go by the tub. I foresee Zane wanting to resort back to baths now that we have this fancy tub, so this seat will come in handy.

One thing that caught me off guard? Tearing up when I stood back and looked at the styled tub tray. It looks like a high end spa/hotel and I’ve just dreamed of this space for so long that this little detail got me. Everything on the tray is from Shop House of Brinson and it’s all exquisite! Just the prettiest details, and the soaps and candle smell divine! This is what a bathroom should smell like!

This space is somewhat inspired by Little Women! Love the whole vibe of this book and movie!

I’ve had my eye on these sculptural nesting vases ever since seeing them at High Point Market. Thrilled to find them on Ebay, and the green looks great near the closet doors!

These prints are from Chaos and Wonder on Etsy.

Check out that new outlet from Buster & Punch! It’s got USB plugs to charge your phone! I couldn’t resist. They have amazing toggle switches and I ordered a black one for the water closet…

Totally random thing to share, but I also ordered this free standing toilet paper holder from Ebay! I didn’t want to bother drilling holes into the wallpaper. And hooray for having a constant backup supply of toilet paper. Lol!

One last thing from Ebay that’s seriously rocking my world right now are these clear, plastic drawer organizers. I’ve dreamt of organized makeup for years! This has been awesome!

Extra images…

Did I miss anything? Holy cow, that was so much to cover! I am SO incredibly grateful to Linda of Calling It Home for choosing me to participate in this, and to all of the sponsors for making my vision come to life! This was so much work, friends, but I LOVE what I do. Sleepless nights with visuals running through my head and all. It would mean the world if you left a comment and let me know what your favorite part is! Anything surprise you? Thank you so much for following along and cheering me on along the way!


  1. Tub: Build With Ferguson
  2. Vanities: Build With Ferguson
  3. Shower door: Build With Ferguson
  4. Shower wall tile: The Tile Shop
  5. Shower niche tile: The Tile Shop
  6. Shower floor tile: The Tile Shop
  7. Floor Tile: The Tile Shop
  8. Sink Faucets: Axor
  9. Tub Filler: Axor
  10. Shower head: Axor
  11. Wall sconces: Hudson Valley Lighting
  12. Pendant Light: Shades of Light
  13. Semi-flushmount: Shades of Light
  14. Window Treatment: Calico Corners
  15. Wallpaper: Calico Corners
  16. Vanity drawer knobs: Emtek
  17. Vanity door pull: Emtek
  18. Baseboards and crown moulding: Novo Building Products
  19. Corbels for arches: Novo Building Products
  20. Beams: Novo Building Products
  21. Rug: Arhaus
  22. Pot: Arhaus
  23. Mirrors: Varaluz
  24. Paint: Pearly White and Palm Leaf by Sherwin Williams
  25. Light switches/Outlets: Buster & Punch
  26. Closet Door: Ebay
  27. Lucite Pedestal: Ebay
  28. Tapestry: Ebay
  29. Nesting vases: Ebay
  30. Ashtray for Qtips: Ebay
  31. Brass tub soap holder: Ebay
  32. Onyx trinket box: Ebay
  33. David head statue: Ebay
  34. Leather stool: Ebay
  35. Tub tray: Ebay
  36. Drawer organizers: Ebay
  37. Shampoo/conditioner bottles: Ebay
  38. Closet knobs: Ebay
  39. Pocket door latch: Ebay
  40. Toilet paper holder: Ebay
  41. Soaps and candle: Shop House of Brinson
  42. Art above toilet and near closet door: Chaos & Wonder
  43. Arch ladder
  44. Towel
  45. Portrait Painting
  46. Faux floral stems

Thank you to the following sponsors…

  1. Build With Ferguson
  2. The Tile Shop
  3. Calico Corners
  4. Ebay
  5. Varaluz
  6. Hudson Valley Lighting
  7. Shades of Light
  8. Arhaus
  9. Axor
  10. Novo Building Products
  11. Emtek
  12. Buster & Punch
  13. Frog Tape®
  14. Chaos and Wonder print shop
  15. Sherwin Williams
  16. Shop House of Brinson

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    This space is STUNNING!! Oh my word! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Wow! What a transformation!!

  3. Donna says:

    Absolutely stunning! Love the mix of old and new! I would never have thought to use the tile inserts in the shower niche! Now to scour Ebay for some “old” for my bathroom! Love it all!!!

    • Haneen says:

      Thank you, Donna!! I was so excited to find that tile that looked like wallpaper! And yes, Ebay totally came through for those special details!

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    Hi! COMPLETELY AMAZING!!! Congratulations!!! I have to let you know, I totally enjoyed reading your blog post here. And of course looking at all the stunning photos. Usually I start to read a blog post and end up skipping to photos. But this was enjoyable start to finish and I could hear the excitement as if you were speaking it out loud! Congratulations again on one of the most beautiful and original bathrooms I have ever seen!!!!🤩

  5. Sarah Holden says:

    The green door!!!!!

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    There is no way I can pick one thing as my favorite. As usual, it’s the perfect mix! I always love all the little extras you put in the room.

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    I love it all Haneen! You really do have a gift. Love the mixed metals, mix of old and new, pops of color but not too bold. It’s a dream!

  8. Kathleen DeMaria says:

    OMG this is beautiful! I expected nothing less from you anyway. Your designs always knock it out of the park. Epic before and after!

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    WOW WOW WOW!!! Every thing is just perfection! I love the mix of old and new, modern and traditional. I really love your style and you knocked this one out of the park! Thanks for sharing all the steps and details.

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    It’s incredibly gorgeous Haneen! The design and finishes are perfect! Love all the details that make it look historic too. Fabulous job!!

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    I love EVERYTHING. IN. THIS BATHROOM!!! All of it. If i could transport it to my house just like this, I’d be absolutely thrilled. Maybe my favorite room in your house. Love it.

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    Absolutely beautiful transformation! Love the salvaged door and arch’s behind the tub! Great job!

  13. Stacey says:

    Everything is perfection, but those arches take it over the top! Bravo!

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    So beautiful and intentional!

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    Love the doors and that black script wallpaper but my favorite thing (of many) would be the corbels matched up snd made into mounding!!! And every bit of it looks museum inspired so I’d say you nailed it!!!

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    WOW WOW WOW!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    What an amazing job!! OMG! Your vision is awesome! Love it all! Love the arches! Can I come over to your spa! Lol!
    The bathroom is just so beautiful!
    Enjoy it! Are u taking a bath tonight?!

  19. Jessica Moore says:

    I don’t typically read blogs…. Unless they are yours. This bathroom is such a dream. I have all the highlights saved from your other bathroom for ideas and now this one too! Every detail is so gorgeous. Your design never fails to amaze!

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    Haneen, That is absolutely stunning. I adore your creativity. Love the green and the doors. Let’s be real, I love it all.

  23. I found your blog through Bless’er House and I am so glad I did!!!
    Your master bath one room challenge is absolutely freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your choice of colors and materials is gorgeous. I can’t imagine having that bathroom!!
    Thanks so much for sharing the process, and the out of this world result:)

    • Haneen says:

      So happy you found me through Lauren! Did she feature me on her blog? So nice! Thank you for visiting!

  24. Diane Tyszka says:

    I think this is probably the best before and after I have ever seen. Your bathroom is absolutely beautiful.

  25. Jo J. says:

    I found you thru Emily Henderson – and I am gobsmacked at what you’ve done. This is such vision; the most inspiring transformation I have ever seen. I love that you gave all your sources too and that so many were unexpected (ebay??). The tapestry does it for me – hard to make a clinical bathroom space feel warm and cosy, but the tapestry is such an awesome jumping off point to change that. Brava!

  26. Linda says:

    The bathroom is amazing! My favorite 2 things ok 3
    are the bathtub, that wallpaper and the green doors also the star pendant light

  27. Jane says:

    Beautiful bathroom. I love the gothic arched millwork.

  28. Paula says:

    Literally stunny… every single thing.. enough said ❤️ oh but any chance you could share details/specifics of how the arches wall ledge was made? I’ve got to know…my life depends on it 😉❤️❤️❤️

  29. Paula says:

    Literally stunning…every single thing… enough said ❤️… Oh , but any chance you could share details/specifics of how the arches wall shelf ledge was made? I’ve got to know… my life depends on it 😉❤️❤️❤️

    • Haneen says:

      Lol! Thank you, so glad you like it! My carpenter built this, so I’m not sure of specifics, to be honest! But it’s two corbels facing each other (with a small wood piece in between to make it more of an arch than a point) and then a wider piece on top for a bit of a ledge.

  30. Maeci says:

    Hello, I am curious to know what paint colors you used for the trim ?

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