One Room Challenge Fall 2021: Dining Room REVEAL!

Oh my goodness! This One Room Challenge is EIGHT WEEKS in the making! If you have any will power and want to catch up on the process before scrolling to the photos, you can find it all here:

WEEK ONE // WEEK TWO // (no week 3 update) // WEEK FOUR // WEEK FIVE // WEEK SIX // WEEK SEVEN

Now, let’s get to the fun part! Be sure to read down below to hear why I wanted to change this space, but my favorite way to do reveals is to show a before shot, followed by the same exact angle in an after shot, continuing with all sides of the room, and then a write up explaining everything at the bottom.













Painted the dresser to match the trim! See that tutorial HERE.



Yowzers! Let’s chat. For starters, let’s talk about “before” vs. “different.” It’s not that the “after” is better, it’s that it’s DIFFERENT. I’m not the same person I was when I initially designed this space six years ago, so why shouldn’t my home reflect that evolution? You don’t have to change a room because it’s bad. Sometimes you can just change it because you simply want a change. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I personally think the after IS better😆, but that’s because I like me better than I did six years ago.😂…

Not to get all deep, but it’s not always about the space. It can be about the person designing it. This room is the truest representation of my current self, and I love it. And what feels amazing is that my family loves it too. Motherhood is hard y’all. And my heart has majorly softened after watching a kid graduate and head off to college. I’ve reached an honest, happy place in motherhood (and in being a wife) where my family comes first and it feels so good. Once all of my kids were done being babies I tried so hard to make up for lost “me” time by diving head first into this gig, focusing WAY too much on my wants and needs which makes no sense because your kids don’t stop needing you just because they’re no longer babies! If anything, they need you more. But I was loudly proclaiming my independence which I think is completely representative of all the bold colors I was using. “I’m colorful! Pay attention to me! I’ve been raising babies and I’m craving pats on the back and approval!”

This. THIS is why I love interior design. And why I love color- be it bold or toned down. It all stands for a feeling. And this new dining room feels simple, confident, beautiful, and right. And so do I.

Now, let’s talk details…

You may have noticed that I moved chairs around a bit for different photos. I initially picked out these fabulous and oh-so-comfortable captain chairs (from Arhaus). But they’re a bit of a tight squeeze on the ends, so I moved them to the long ends of the table and they just look SO GOOD there too! I’m hoping to get two more when they come back in stock and keep them there for good. I just love looking into the room and seeing the plaid throws on them!

Find the plaid blankets HERE

Here’s a photo of the chairs switched around…

The lines of the Pelle Side Chair from Arhaus deserve attention. I love the subtle swoop of the back. It speaks to the organic shape of the pendant above. I’m also utterly obsessed with the Arhaus Francis dining table. The finish is perfection with just the right amount of rusticity!

THE MOST MAGICAL piece in this room is the Arhaus Amelie mirror! Are you kidding me with the scale of this thing???? It’s STUNNING! And looks so great across from the window.

How about the show stopping Arhaus Hollis pendant? Its shape is just so cool…

Again, it’s always about scale for me. Oversized mirror, oversized light, oversized iron bowl on the table!!!…

It’s beautiful! Huge with the most amazing texture.

Let’s talk art! I knew I wanted a good mix in this space. It’s all about balance. Too modern and it can look too cold. Too traditional and it can start looking too “cute.” The Chiavi Segrete paper from Wallpaper Direct is the perfect backdrop to everything in this space, but I knew it would truly sing with a very bold abstract piece on it. Which is why I was so excited to find this large canvas from Scout & Nimble called Midnight I.

It gives just a touch of edge to this space, which I think every room needs. A little softness, a little edginess. I love both. And I balanced it with an old world portrait on the other side of the room from BFF Print Shop. I love that her dress has just a hint of the olive on the walls. Here she is at night…

Let’s talk about those lamps. I had every intention of using super funky fluted lamp shades, but I was slow to order and since they were coming from overseas, I decided not to risk it, and ordered something with quick shipping instead. These classic pleated black shades do just the trick. And I found the bases from At Home. Add books below for a quick height boost! Easy and interesting. I use books everywhere.

I mean, don’t even think about asking me to finish a room without books. I’ll point you to one of my favorite quotes: “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Go thrifting, friends! Pick a color you love and gather a bunch of books in that color. It makes such a statement.

Now, who else loves good pattern play? I struggled big time finding the perfect rug for this space, but ultimately decided on this Giana rug from Loloi! A graphic pattern always pairs well with a floral/leaf pattern, so I absolutely love this with the wallpaper, and even the subtle stripes on the chairs!

The drapes are simple olive velvet from Ikea. I stole them from my kitchen because I couldn’t resist a good tone on tone moment. Looks just about perfect with the Benjamin Moore Mediterranean Olive on the walls!

Speaking of the walls, don’t forget the 5th wall: the ceiling! This room gets lots of natural light, and with the addition of the mirror to reflect all of that light, I knew the room could handle a dark ceiling. Enter Benjamin Moore’s Jet Black…

What else haven’t I covered? Styling, perhaps? I had a great time with the book corner, but I kept the buffet super simple. Honestly, I pulled the man print I had from the living room to this spot, and I kind of forgot about it while I was photographing. Lol. It’s a bit small in front of that abstract painting. I’m sure I’ll move it back, and I have more beautiful pieces on the way from Scout & Nimble. I know there’s a big bowl on the dining table, but I may add one of these to the buffet:

Find it HERE.
Find it HERE.

I technically ordered them thinking about the number of glass cabinets we have around the house that need styling, but they’re such special pieces that I may use them here. And then of course, you may have noticed I brought the vintage lucite pedestal down from our bathroom because it’s just too pretty to hide:

You can find the nesting vases HERE.

And let’s not forget about the new dinnerware from Arhaus!

Find it HERE.
Find it HERE.

This dinnerware is SO beautiful! We’ve had the same dinnerware off our registry since we were married 21 years ago, and it was chipped and sad. I love the artisanal quality of this set.

Ok, friends! I think that’s it! Have a question? Leave it below! I’d love to hear what you think of this space!

Shop this room…

Thank you to the following sponsors…

Arhaus: table, head chairs, leather chairs, pendant light, mirror, dinnerware

Scout & Nimble: Midnight I abstract art

Wallpaper Direct: Chiavi Segrete paper in Earthy Green

Benjamin Moore: Mediterranean Olive in satin on walls and Jet Black in flat on ceiling

Loloi: Giana rug

Frog Tape®: Never paint without it! Gave me clean lines- see the post HERE.

Cheers to another room complete!


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  1. Maggie says:

    It’s beautiful but I have to admit the before was beautiful too. But I get it, sometimes it’s just time for a change. Cool to see a space looking amazing in two different ways.

  2. Elizabeth McNeel says:

    This room is beyond gorgeous. There isn’t a favorite thing because everything just flows together. I don’t know how you do it. Pulling off almost an old world table with more modern acrylic stand and art! The plaid throws and the subtle stripe on the dining chairs 😍. I hope you enjoy this room for many years.

  3. Batool says:

    Wonderful transformation… Love the colours, textures, and feel of the room, vintage and modern at the same time.. Love it Haneen.. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Kimberly says:

    It’s so beautiful! I just love what you said about design reflecting you and the metamorphosis that occurs in motherhood. My oldest is a sophomore in college and I agree – it softens you and makes you realize that’s it’s okay to slow down a bit and focus on family. Amazing job!!!!

  5. Stunning! Absolutely love it! Great job!!!!!

  6. Saira says:

    Wow! Absolutely love it! I really like the placement of the captain chairs. Feels so unique and such a simple adjustment!

  7. Katie Kent says:

    Beautiful before and after!
    Classic elegance with a cozy feel!
    You never cease to amaze! Congratulations!!

  8. Elianna Zelaya says:

    All my dining room dreams are that that you created. So unbelievably beautiful

  9. Sarah says:

    I love the transformation and how well this represents you!! Absolutely beautiful! Both of you!

  10. LeAnn says:

    Wow! I’m really speechless at your talent. The room is amazing! It’s stunning for sure. You have a true gift. Now enjoy it with your family😊

  11. Linda Yates says:

    Beautiful as always! I love the earthy nature tones of this room and the wallpaper next door too! I wonder where all the previous art will end up. One of my favorite things was the Museum gallery feel of the before. Always a great redo with you. You never fail to make things even better!

  12. Saneth says:

    Your post seriously tugged at my heart strings. We are in the middle of a transition too and the home I am creating is so different and shares were our family is in this time.
    The room is absolutely stunning!!!!

  13. Lynn says:

    Love, love LOVE how the room turned out!! I love your style, Haneen.
    Receiving your emails is always a highlight of my day and week.

  14. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    So inspiring and beautiful! I love every single detail!

  15. felicia says:

    I love both versions of this space but this current version just *feels* elevated. What you wrote was just so poignant. Designing and changing to reflect how you change as a person…that is a concept new to me. I love you emphasized “different” versus “before/after.” ♥

    As for the design, it’s simply fabulous. The tone-on-tone richness is gorgeous. I’m fawning over all of the details: the lucite table, stacks of books, the At Home lamp…just awesome.

  16. It is beautiful! And while I like the before, the after is more my jam! Love the gothic-secret-garden vibe! Beautiful!

  17. Jamie Trotter says:

    Gorgeous!!! I can’t stop looking at the pics, I’m noticing something new each time, and I’m so inspired to try a mirror in my dining room! Questions about the Francis table, I have one as well in our kitchen and I was wondering if you have put any wax protection on it? If so what kind? I’m so nervous to apply but I know it says it needs something. 😬

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