New Mattress and Bedding From Tuft & Needle

Hi, everyone! It’s been a crazy month! My 11 year old tested positive for Covid:( It was the strangest thing because she had no symptoms (and never did throughout quarantining). We only had her tested because someone she was in an activity with tested positive, and they asked that the whole group get tested. Needless to say I was shocked, and obviously worried, and it kind of turned everything upside down for a bit. We were all stuck home, staying separate and wearing masks. My older daughter had to miss states/districts/regionals for cheer. Basically the entire end to her season! Another daughter had to miss lacrosse tryouts. It was a mess. I’m SO thankful she’s past it and healthy, and I can slowly return to all things design related.

*This post is sponsored by Tuft & Needle. While the items mentioned were gifted, all opinions are my own.

Perfect first post back, because right before all of this went down, we received a new mattress from Tuft & Needle! If you’re going to be stuck in your room quarantining, might as well be in a super comfy bed, no? Seriously, you have no idea how grateful we were for the timing of this collaboration. My 11 year old had been complaining that her twin canopy bed was just too small and uncomfortable…

You can find this bed HERE. And the rug HERE.

She’s getting so long. Lol! As cute as that bed is, she couldn’t quite sprawl out. It was time for an upgrade. And ordering from Tuft & Needle was so easy. The best part was how everything was delivered! The mattress came completely compact, and it was so fun to cut open and watch expand. My daughter helped me put the foundation together, and it was a quick piece of cake!

Friends, it’s so comfy! We went with the Hybrid option, with five layers of foam and springs for plush support. Mattresses can be nerve wracking to buy online (Lord knows I had issues getting a new mattress in our bedroom over Christmas!) But to have this arrive quickly and be comfortable was just such a pleasant surprise. She’s thrilled, to say the least! And we had so much fun dressing the bed in Tuft & Needle bedding too!

You can read about our new carpet HERE.
This desk is from Home Goods! Find the art HERE.

Clean, fresh, and comfy. Doesn’t get any better. It’s all about layering, and Tuft & Needle has a a great selection of bedding for this. We went with their Percale duvet cover and sham set, and layered it with their quilt and a cozy, textured throw blanket. Thank you to Tuft & Needle for sponsoring this and giving my kid a comfy place to be stuck home quarantining! Lol. A whole lot of Harry Potter reading and Tik Tok watching happened in this bed for two weeks! 🙂

Shop the post…

Cheers, friends! Stay healthy and safe!


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