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It’s almost Mother’s Day! For those of you visiting from Ashley’s blog at House of Five, welcome! I hope you take some time to browse around my site. Home Tour is up in the menu! So happy to have teamed up with some amazing blogging buddies to bring you a blog hop full of Mother’s Day inspiration! 



What does Mother’s Day mean to you? Does it have you focusing on your own mom, or is it more about your kids celebrating YOU? The circle of life is amazing, isn’t it? We’re born needing our mothers for everything, then insert the teen years when we think we know it all and we just want them to let us make our own decisions. Circle back around to growing up and having our own babies, and we need them all over again, realizing that they do indeed know it all! That’s how it is on my end anyway. My mom is the mom of all moms. She had six kids with little family around to help- five of which are girls. I have an almost 13 year old daughter, and knowing what I know now, I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DID IT. I’ve talked about my mom before on here, basically singing her praises because she is the world’s BEST cook, and I got nada in the cooking department. But she teasingly reminds me that we all have our strengths, and she likes to tell me I’m the “nicest person in the world.” I’ll take it. Thanks, Mom! Here she is in all of her fashionable glory, helping out in the kitchen at a local event….



I mean, who looks that good while they’re cooking? Oh, my mom does. If you think that dish looks amazing, I’m sharing the recipe at the bottom of this post. I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to share it with me, because I swear she has this robotic cooking brain that doesn’t store names of things or actual measurements. She just knows what to do. But she managed for my sake to put it into words:) 


And would you all hate me if I told you how awesome my mother-in-law is? Truly loving time with your mom-in-law is such a rare commodity! And I’m being completely honest with you when I say that I love an afternoon shopping with my husband’s mom! She’s the best. His whole family is. I’m one lucky lady.


So for this special post, hosted by Randi Garret Designs and Kelley Nan, we’ve all come up with our own tablescape of sorts, in honor of Mother’s Day. This was so fun for me to put together, because when I think of Mother’s Day, I think of pink, and I went to town on the back porch setting up a little vignette filled with springtime goodness. Hope you like it!

















If my mom would’ve set this up, there’d be a spread from here to Florida! Not so sure she’d be proud of my small fruit arrangement and store-bought cookies. Lol. But take these images and use them not necessarily to inspire you in the kitchen, but maybe just to set up your own little special gathering for Mother’s Day. Ask your mom over! Or heck, just treat yourself! You deserve it, right? 


Hugs to all the moms out there that inspire me daily to be the best mom I can be. I have four kids, and I struggle daily wondering what I’m doing right and in what ways am I failing. But I count my blessings often, and I thank my kids for making me the sarcastic, eye rolling adult I am today. No seriously, I owe my sense of humor to motherhood. Parenting STRESSES ME OUT. There are so many gloriously fulfilling moments as a mom, but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. Cracking jokes about parenthood is the only thing that gets me through it. 


Here’s to supporting each other, here’s to lifting each other up on days when our kids have us in the fetal position pulling our hair out, and here’s to creating beautiful, warm homes for our families! Head to Janet’s blog next at Shabbyfufu, and visit the rest of these talented ladies for more inspiration!


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Mollie- Design Loves Detail

Amy- Crazy Chic Design

Kathleen- Lindsay Hill Interiors

Bree- ZDesign at Home

Annie- Zevy Joy

Ashley- House of Five

Haneen- Haneen’s Haven (that’s me!)

Janet- Shabbyfufu

Erin- Sunny Side Up

Randi – Randi Garrett Design

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Kelley- Kelley Nan

Kara- Kara’s Party Ideas

Jennifer- Decor Gold Designs

Tamara- CitrineLiving

Jeanne- Jeanne Campana Design

Summer- She Leaves A Little Sparkle





Sources: The super pretty, feminine platter inspired this whole look. I found it at Home Goods, along with the green goblets, pillows, runner, yellow bowls, and glass cloche for the cookies. Mini chalkboard sign, mirror and pink candleholders are from Hobby Lobby. Blue candlesticks are from Pier One.


My mom’s recipe for Manseff: a traditional Lebanese dish of rice garnished with meat and almonds…..


What you need:

2 lbs beef chunks

2 cups of rice

1 cup of whole almonds and pine nuts

1 stick of butter

Around 6 cups of water, divided

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp allspice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 garlic powder


1. Season the meat with salt, pepper, and garlic powder in a sauce pan.


2. Add 4 cups of water to meat and bring to a boil.


3. Lower the heat and simmer for about a half hour, or until the meat can come apart.


4. Shred the meat in big chunks.


5. Divide in half. Set aside. Save what’s left of beef broth in pan.


6. In a 5 qt sauce pan, add the butter, rice.


7. Add beef broth and 4 cups of water.


8. Add salt, pepper, allspice, and cinnamon.


9. Add half of the meat and bring to a boil. Cook or simmer on low for 35 minutes, stirring occasionally. 


10.Place the rice garnish with the rest of the meat on a platter. Add the almonds and pine nuts.




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