Mood Board Monday

Happy Monday, friends! I’m starting a new thing today. I realized my favorite way to play around with creativity these days is to design mood boards, so I figured I’d make a weekly thing out of it and start posting different ones on Mondays! Couldn’t we all use a fun distraction these days? Let’s design cool rooms and gather ideas! They’ll be everything from kitchens, to living rooms, to play rooms, to bedrooms. I figured why not create some rooms for inspiration, just for fun? I’m starting today off by teaming up with All Modern for a bedroom post! (Affiliate links included)

While summer is usually a time for vacationing and travel, COVID has us putting extra energy into sprucing up our homes. If we’re homebound, we better love what we’re looking at! And what better space to refresh than the room that should be a peaceful retreat after the demands of the day… the bedroom!

I’ve pulled together a bedroom for you after scrolling through the endless options on All Modern, but you don’t need a full blown makeover with all new pieces to give your room a fresh new look. Need a jolt of color but don’t want to commit to painting your walls? How about an accent chair? Some throw pillows? A new rug or drapes? These are great pieces to invest in that make a space feel like new!

Shop the room…

While I tend to be a bit eclectic when pulling rooms together, I do always try to have things speak to each other in a room. That background pattern on the mood board is wallpaper! I chose the floor lamp and the chandelier and the arched mirror for a reason. They all kind of mimic the shape of the pattern in the wallpaper. Even the curved chair is a nod to all of the other curves happening in the room. No rhyme or reason for that amazing wool lamp, guys. I just thought it was SO COOL. Texture for daysssss.

How to pick colors…

I often get asked how I go about choosing a color palette for a room. Most of the time I find one item that I absolutely love and pull color from it. Sometimes it’s a thrifted piece of art. Sometimes it’s a fabulous fabric. It can be anything. As far as this room goes, if you saw my plans for the Detroit Show House main bedroom, you know I’m very much drawn to a green/yellow combo these days! For today’s Mood Board Monday, I simply created a fresh, modern, neutral bedroom, and showed you how just bringing in color through pillows or a side chair can really add character to a space and set the tone for the vibe you want.

So there you have it, friends! Hopefully the first of many Mood Board Mondays to come! Have a room you need ideas for? Comment below and let me know what you’d love to see! And if you’re looking for more inspiration from All Modern, here’s 19 Incredibly Cool Modern Bedrooms and A Guide To Stylish Ceiling Fans.



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  1. Teresa A Watson says:

    How does one technically go about creating a mood board? Do you use a particular app?

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