Mood Board Monday: Family Room Refresh

It’s the return of Mood Board Monday! Yay! I loved this series, and I took a bit of a break during the fall One Room Challenge that ended up lasting… well, through now. If you followed that challenge, you know I created a virtual makeover for our family room. It was a bit far fetched (and fun!)- easy to do when it’s a virtual makeover. When giving this room a refresh in real life, I couldn’t quite move a fireplace and splurge on lavish and impractical furniture. I could, however, take elements of that design and create a new space that works for us.

Family Room Design…

Ok, let’s walk you through this, and I’ll give you a better visual below. For starters, this is the room we’re working with:

What’s not working?

The furniture layout has always been what I struggle with the most. The corner fireplace makes it a bit tricky. A nice fireplace should be the focal point of a room, but what if your tv is on the opposite wall?

The two green chairs pushed in front of the reclaimed wood wall always seem too far. It’s as if whoever’s sitting there is in a time out. Lol. It doesn’t feel like a cozy, pulled together area for conversation. Everyone is just too far apart. But… I tried something recently, against everything I ever thought was right for years: I pulled chairs in front of the fireplace!

It’s like a lightbulb finally went off in my head! If we only use the fireplace a few months out of the year, and even in those cold months we don’t really turn it on that often, why was I fighting it and designing around it? The solution was swivel chairs!

Find them HERE.

This is so perfect for our family and how we use this space. We can turn towards the tv, or we can turn all the way around and face a fire. And most importantly, we can leave them as is and sit in this little square “hub” I’ve created in the middle of the whole room. I’m thrilled! Now, let’s talk about…

Evolution of style

I posted an image on Instagram recently, and someone left a comment saying, “Is your new style not using color at all?” To put it dramatically, it was a tiny punch in the gut. Me? Not use color? What’s going on? Am I changing? Do I not love color? Am I turning my back on what a lot of people started following me for to begin with? Holy questions swirling through my head, Batman. It’s amazing what a tiny question can do.

It was a valid question. The image I posted was a zoomed in shot of my kitchen island and there wasn’t much color in the photo. But let’s just get to the real answer, shall we? No, I’m not turning my back on color! I could never NOT love color. But I tell you what I’ve realized. 2020 changed me. I can’t quite put my finger on an explanation, but as a designer, I’m finding myself drawn more and more to natural, cozy elements of style. Lots of texture, warm woods, and more muted versions of the vibrant colors I’m known for. Tone down the glam and turn up the comfort. Nothing to be alarmed about! Lol. Just having some fun experimenting! Isn’t that the fun part of being a designer? Experimenting?

I have an art degree. I consider myself an artist. And I would be doing myself a major disservice if I didn’t explore lots of possibilities on how to design a space. Do you guys use the “save” flag on Instagram? I use it all the time on images that inspire me. I have a whole folder dedicated to spaces that blew we away while I was scrolling. Some I saved because I loved the whole room. Some I saved because maybe there was a specific piece of furniture I loved in the image. But a lot of times, guys, I click the “save” because of a way the room made me feel when I saw it.

So often, I was saving images from Amber Lewis, Athena Calderone, Jean Stoffer, Sean Anderson, Park and Oak Design, etc. (Also, do any of you follow the Maker Hotel?? Every. Single. Image. Very much my style, but a moodier version. On my bucket list to visit!) Lots of images from European travel accounts, as well. It occurred to me, I was so deeply drawn to rooms that weren’t necessarily “my style” and I would walk away from my phone wishing the room my family spent the most time in reflected a version of these rooms I was loving online, mixed with my own twist and personal touches.

I don’t know, something just finally clicked and I realized I was fighting doing what I really wanted to do because I felt like I needed to keep doing what I was already doing. Makes no sense! What is life, if not continuous evolution? It’s really ok to play around. Here’s an image from each just to give you an idea of the vibe I’m loving these days…

Design by Amber Lewis
Design by Athena Calderone of Eye Swoon
Design by Jean Stoffer
Design by Sean Anderson
Design by Park and Oak Design
Image from The Maker Hotel

In all honestly, ever since letting go of that, I’ve been so creatively fulfilled warming this room up. So, let’s finally get to talking about the rest of the little changes I’ve made or will be making.

The rug…

Find it HERE.

I’ll be honest, I hesitated hitting “submit order”on this because SO many people have it. But again, I’m over that silliness. If I love something, I’m not going to not love it just because other people do. It’s like when I loved Dave Matthews Band in high school and then got mad when they became mainstream. Lol! Did that stop me from seeing them five times in concert? Nope! I already put the runner version of this rug in our closet makeover and I just think the colors make the perfect base, so I went for it. This article and this article on Emily Henderson’s blog really spoke to me when it came to wanting something that lots of people have. Give those a read!

The coffee table…

Zinc jacks from Regina Andrew Detroit

So, we borrowed the wood coffee table from our living room. I love it in the black room and it’s going back where it belongs, but while we wait for our new coffee table to arrive (in March!) I wanted to try this out in here. We’ll be replacing it with a gorgeous black square table- stay tuned for that! It’s a different version than the one in the mood board, but from the same awesome line from Josh Greene for Dowel Furniture!

The drapes…

The current drapes are black velvet. Pretty, but we just have SO much velvet in our home and the extra long length needed to go. Puddled drapes can be beautiful in the right setting, but not in here. Again, trying to tone down the glam and warm things up a bit. I ordered these Tuscany Green faux linen drapes. I like that they’re double wide, and they’ll bring the touch of green I always love having in a space.

The light…

With things feeling cozier and a notch more traditional, I wanted some wow factor in a new light. I cannot wait to install the Talon chandelier, from Regina Andrew!

It’s BIG, you guys. A whopping 51 inches wide. And I’m using long, skinny bulbs to make it extend even more. I just love how modern it is. And the finish is so rich. We’ll be moving the current light to our bedroom.

So, the big question is…

What’s going on the wood wall, now?

Ordered this blanket to replace the fur on the back of this couch.

I’ll tell you what I’m hoping will be going on the wood wall behind the chairs. Lol. Two GORGEOUS etageres (fancy word for insanely beautiful bookshelves)…

I mean….the arch! It’s just so pretty. Backed with a bronze mirror and practical storage at the bottom. Two of these babies side by side will be so lovely to look at from the kitchen. Fingers crossed, friends! If I can’t make that happen, I may just bring in the two glass cabinets from the black room, but I really don’t want to do that. Mainly because I don’t want what’s here to have doors. I want treasured family photos and decorative objects out in the open, not tucked away. We shall see. In the meantime, however… I’m teaming up with Minted for a huge 48×70 framed canvas of this photograph to go on the wall in the meantime!

Isn’t it magnificent? It’s just more of a play on the current arch trend, and more importantly, reminds me of art museums, which I love visiting. (Oh, how I miss it!) It’ll fill the wall beautifully, and if I do indeed go with the bookcases, I have the perfect spot for this print in our upstairs hallway.

Finishing touches…

What you’ve seen in the updated photos is the first layer of this mini makeover. What’s missing is the personal touches that will make this more “us.” That includes some color and pattern play in new pillows and accessories to come! Stay tuned as more progress is made and more personality shines!

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  1. Alia says:

    Haneen, everything you touch is unique, gorgeous, and a work of art. Even if you have been leaning more toward blacks, browns, and creams…you do it like nobody else! I’m really trying to take a page out of your book for when we eventually do our living room. Maybe by then you will be accepting clients. 😉

  2. Joyce says:

    I love the idea of increasing the comfort especially in a family room! 2020 had that effect on a lot of us!

    Where did you get your sectional? We’re in the market for a new one & I love the color & look of yours.

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